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On the roof, contemplating the idyllic picture offered by the sea and surrounded by people. The tandem of entrepreneurs Tono García (Valencia, 1988) and Andrea Fontes (Valencia, 1990) welcomes ZEN with a huge smile and its charming hostel full of surfers. It's called Blue Waves. "We have this Surf House in Anza, a very welcoming and friendly place with a population, and another in Tamraght, a fishing village before we get to Taghazout."

The façade of Blue Waves, the business of this duo of Spaniards based in Morocco.

It is one of the areas that most attract wave lovers in Morocco. In fact, some of these young people of all nationalities, among the best in the world, compete in the Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout Bay, organized by the Australian firm. Another group of Spaniards, in a lotus position on colorful carpets, are in retreat. Precisely, Andrea Fontes teaches yoga classes for them. "But all this started with Tono," he says sympathetically.


The hostel of Anza, next to the city of Agadir and 13 km from the famous surf spots in Tagazouth.

His partner, an agronomist and curious about Moroccan culture, wanted to finish the final project alternating work and passion for surfing. "I loved this beach and, as a hobby, I created a hostel to share with my friends this wonder. I was going with them up and down. In the end, I left farming and focused on passion," Garcia laughs. "We liked this wave and, what was originally going to be something temporary from this accommodation, ended up joining us here and we decided to stay," adds Fontes.

She, an industrial engineer, had worked at Ford while he remained in Morocco in companies in the agricultural sector. "He went back and forth for two years, which was a bit of a bubble, we're not going to kid ourselves, and it helped him make changes at Blue Waves, which was still growing." He did a master's degree in Marketing and Sales Management to specialize more because he was increasingly known on social networks and his website. "That's how I took that part."


One of the surf camps they organize with local instructors from their own school. Neoprene, surfboard and water.

Yoga room, own surf school, a restaurant, shared rooms or double room with double bed, a chill area from which to contemplate beautiful sunsets over the waves and a pool under construction. But, above all, the harmony of well-being between people who enjoy sport and good conversation.

"We are already a team of 20 people, all locals except us. What is good about this beach is that there are always waves, regardless of conditions, tide and weather, which usually affect a lot, "slips the entrepreneur.


A group of 'yogis', in the middle of an outdoor class taught on the roof.

Spanish visitors are 60% of its clientele. The rest are divided between French, Germans and many Italians lately. "Experience travel is becoming very fashionable. They include surf lessons, yoga lessons... Dinners, lunches and breakfasts all together, making new friends."

They don't care at all about not working on the career they chose. "Engineers are needed here because there is a lot of Spanish companies established, and we were well rewarded, but it is complex to manage everything. We wanted to live all year round here and dedicate ourselves to our own business, where we feel like we make a dream come true."

One of the rooms of the hostel, tastefully decorated by young entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship abroad has more obstacles, "everything is slower, you need many permits", although they do not regret their decision at all. Judging by their smiling faces, while they pet their dogs Roque and Floki -who appear in the staff-, they have not been wrong. They do not stop meeting people, enriching themselves with their stories, offering them a refuge where they can forget everything and act as hosts teaching them the waves, culture and Moroccan lifestyle.

"It is a project created with the heart and through which Tono intended to give work to local people and also be part of the development of the town through surfing." They want everyone who sets foot in the shelter to take a piece of it in their memory.

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