The end of the dispersion consummated yesterday with the transfer to prisons of the Basque Country of the last five ETA prisoners who were serving their sentences in the rest of Spain means the delivery to EH Bildu by the Government of an unjust and deeply inconvenient political and moral victory.

The policy of dispersion started in the 80s to try to weaken the control of the ETA leadership over its inmates, who, concentrated in a handful of prisons, barely had the capacity to distance themselves.

of the band. Various governments, of the PP and the PSOE,

have used this tool in the fight against terrorism

. The big change occurred with the arrival of Pedro Sánchez to La Moncloa. To counteract his parliamentary weakness, the president decided to ally with EH Bildu, which, in exchange for his support in Congress, he has laundered as a legitimate partner, although he has not condemned the more than 800 murders committed by ETA. Although the government denies it, Arnaldo Otegi explained a year ago, without knowing that he was being recorded, that the inmates were part of his agreement with the PSOE. Contacts of the Secretary General of Penitentiary Institutions, members of EHBIldu and intermediaries of prisoners have also come to light that reveal a coordinated strategy. This strategy has been completed by the Ministry of Grande-Marlaska, including the transfer of prisons to the Basque Government, focused on a questionable policy of open regime. The last step, for now, is the end of the dispersion, which Otegi places as the scenario prior to the release of all "political prisoners".

With the transfer of all the prisoners to the Basque Country, Sánchez gives EH Bildu a double victory, because not only does he boost it electorally (reducing the pressure of the inmates and their families), but he shields the model that, abandoned the path of reintegration of Nanclares, benefits the Abertzale left. What incentives to

Delegitimizing terrorism

and, above all, to help clarify the more than 300 unsolved crimes have the ETA and politicians of Sortu, if the Government sends them the message that no further progress is necessary on their part?

It is true that 12 years have passed since the "definitive cessation" of ETA, and that the approach of those convicted of terrorism to centers near their homes does not contravene the law. That doesn't make it politically expedient. ETA was defeated by the forces of order, justice and the Law of Parties, and now its history must be delegitimized, out of respect for its victims and democratic values. It causes uneasiness that the Government

Give in without batting an eye to the wishes of those who still call murderers "political prisoners"

. But that is the political bloc for which Sánchez bets and that consolidates in the face of the general elections with the delivery to Otegi of a symbol as great as the price that ETA put on the Government not to assassinate Miguel Ángel Blanco.