Ordos, March 3 -- Northern China: A 25 minute and 1 seconds of "inner roll" by the director of a cultural and tourism bureau

China News Network reporter Li Aiping

Bai Yulong, who relies on a short video of 1 minute and 49 seconds to "go out of the circle", is thinking about how to shoot a sequel to the short video of Kangbashi, a "Internet celebrity city".

At a time when the "inner roll" of the director of cultural and tourism bureaus across the country is almost white-hot, Bai Yulong, as the director of the Kangbashi District Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the biggest "trouble" at the moment is: how to continue the previous traffic, so shooting a sequel has been put on his agenda.

On March 3, he revealed in an interview with reporters that if the statistics of various carriers show that since February 25, at least 2 million people have known his city through short videos he has taken.

Bai Yulong, who has been the director of the Kangbashi District Cultural and Tourism Bureau for four years, has witnessed step by step how this tourist city, which "has no mines, can only rely on traffic", has transformed into an "Internet celebrity city" in the past few years.

Bai Yulong revealed that in the past few years, driven by Xing Zheng, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Kangbashi District Party Committee, he gradually began to learn how to embrace new media, so browsing WeChat public accounts and Douyin short video accounts has also become part of his work.

In late February this year, when he saw that cultural and tourism bureau directors across the country used short videos to "recommend" local urban landscapes and tourist attractions, "I was very conflicted in my heart, I wanted to give it a try, but I was afraid that I would not make it good and discredit the local cultural and tourism industry." ”

What finally made Bai Yulong determined was the support of his family and the encouragement of the "Internet celebrity secretary" Xing Zheng.

The picture shows Bai Yulong, director of the Kangbashi District Cultural and Tourism Bureau. Photo courtesy of Bai Yulong

"In order to promote this well, I not only consulted my daughter, who studied music, but also practiced the art of rap at home." Bai Yulong said that when the short video shooting script matured, he and the production team immediately began the shooting that lasted two days.

"In order to reflect the fashion, I specially wore my son's clothes," Bai Yulong told reporters, in order to shoot the short video more novel and chic, the production team also imitated the montage of the TV series "Crazy" at the beginning of the short video, and changed into clothes with different styles many times in the middle.

What made Bai Yulong think about it was that he dared to use rap in short videos, "This method proved to be very successful, but it was very apprehensive at the time." ”

On February 2, when the production team sent the short video of 28 minute and 1 seconds to Bai Yulong for "review", he felt that everything was fine, and first published it on the official account of the Kangbashi District Cultural and Tourism Bureau to "throw stones and ask for directions".

Bai Yulong recalled that he was on the plane at the time, and the short video already had 3 hits in less than 500 minutes after it was released, and by the time he got off the plane, it already had 5000,<> hits, which made him very happy. "Then I posted the short video on my personal Douyin account, and it was so popular that netizens paid more attention than I imagined."

The local propaganda department, which was striking while the iron was hot, immediately "recommended" this short video in major media across the country, and media reporters who asked to interview Bai Yulong also flocked to the news in the following days.

Bai Yulong admits that this is the highlight of his life since he works, but his biggest worry is that his Mandarin is not good enough, "until some netizens said that this kind of local 'aristocratic' language is distinctive, my heart is not so entangled." ”

Bai Yulong revealed that since about March 3, the news of the "inner roll" of cultural and tourism bureau directors across the country has not been so warm, but the new problem is that netizens are more interested in whether the local cultural and tourism departments have visible gains after the "inner roll".

"In the first half of March, 3,20 people came to Kangbashi to check in, and the number is still growing rapidly." Bai Yulong said that in previous March, it was basically the off-season for tourism, and this data was very unexpected.

Bai Yulong told reporters very objectively, "The hot period of local tourism has to wait until around May, and it is still a little cold these days." ”

"Although 1000 million people have paid attention to it, the traffic is hot, but how to continue, we must work the supply of hardware facilities and products, and the improvement of services." Bai Yulong said that the local natural museum, aircraft restaurant, 15-minute convenience commercial street, characteristic homestay, fireworks city and other characteristic projects are in order, "Our goal is to make tourists come and give praise." ”

Bai Yulong plans, "In the upcoming short video sequel, I plan to leave a complaint phone number for me to answer, and I must make tourists feel good about the city and make them come and not want to leave." ”

Bai Yulong, who uses short videos to "get out of the circle", believes that "the current problem is how to turn the traffic brought by new media into 'retention', which not only tests the ability of the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau to innovate and shine, but also tests how the local cultural and tourism department can form all this into a brand. ”

"We don't 'roll', we just recommend this thriving city." Bai Yulong is looking forward to the birth of the next 1 minute and 49 second short video, and he admits that everything is the beginning, not the end. (End)