On March 3, the Qingming themed activity of "Pursuing Red Memories and Inheriting Red Genes" was held in the Li Dazhao Martyrs' Cemetery, and Li Yazhong, grandson of Li Dazhao, read an excerpt from his grandfather's "Youth" and recalled the revolutionary martyrs with people from all walks of life.

"Youth" is an article published by Li Dazhao in the magazine "New Youth" in 1916, Li Yazhong said that "Youth" was written in the youth of his grandfather, full of his grandfather's ideal of recreating youth in China, and also inspired generations of young people.

【Contemporaneous】Li Yazhong, grandson of Li Dazhao

Because on the Qingming Festival we want to remember the martyrs, and then express our remembrance, and at the same time we want to revisit the martyrs' teachings, so today I came to read to you the martyrs' famous "Youth".

【Commentary】Li Dazhao Martyrs Cemetery is located in Wan'an Cemetery, Beijing, built in 1983, where Li Dazhao and his wife Zhao Qulan are buried. Among the flowers and cypresses, the statue of the martyr Li Dazhao stood quietly. Looking at the statue of his grandfather, Li Yazhong talked to reporters about family style.

【Contemporaneous】Li Yazhong, grandson of Li Dazhao

My father actually didn't have any demands on us, but he taught us how to live and how to struggle. So like we haven't met my grandfather, but we are influenced by my father, we really strive for the country's strength, like I also won the National Science and Technology Progress Award for this struggle, and then for my children, I also hope to use my behavior to inspire or inspire him.

Ruan Guoqin, widow of martyr Wang Wei, "Guardian of the Sea and Air", was also invited to the event site, received an excerpt from Li Dazhao's "Youth", and presented flowers in front of Li Dazhao's statue.

Ruan Guoqin, widow of martyr Wang Wei, "Guardian of the Sea and Air."

April 2023, 4 is also the 1nd anniversary of Wang Wei's sacrifice, and on this 22nd anniversary, I feel very honored to be invited to participate in the memorial ceremony of Li Dazhao, because he is a pioneer of the revolution and gives all our Communist Party members a firm faith.

As the families of martyrs, every year on the Qingming Festival, we also remember our favorite one with a reverent heart, because his sacrifice can remind us to love our great China, because they gave their lives to the country and to the people. We also take the example of martyrs, our dearest people and our loved ones, and wholeheartedly want to work for the party and obey the party's command.

Reporting by reporters Liu Chao and Du Yan from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Li Yan]