Laurent Mariotte SEASON 2022 - 202312h33, March 25, 2023

Laurent Mariotte surrounds himself with bon vivants for a show about everyday cooking: whether they are chefs, artists or intellectuals, they have in common this passion for eating well and share it for 1h30 with Europe 1 listeners. Gourmet walks through the markets and at the producers' homes, simple recipes and advice close to the concerns of the listeners... The unmissable event for gourmets!

Our guest: Actor and singer Daniel Auteuil

For his new album: If you're afraid, don't be afraid of love

Tastes of the week

Yves Camdeborde : The restaurant Le Matré

Ophélie Neiman: shelling peas with the family

Laurent Mariotte: chef Clément Biette, from the hotel Les Jardins de Coppelia (restaurant Le Capucine) in Pennedepie in Calvados.

Daniel Auteuil: a dahl

Report of the week

Spring has arrived in the South!

Report by Nina Pavan, in Auriol in the Bouches-du-Rhône

The dossier of the week

Inflation: We have fun in the kitchen with a small budget

Our good addresses: artisans are mobilized!

The Kerentrech fish market in Lorient (Morbihan).

The association BIO LOIRE OCÉAN and Les paniers solidaires throughout the Pays de la Loire region

The Association for the Maintenance of Peasant Agriculture (AMAP des Saules) in Guyancourt in the Yvelines

Finistereste in Brittany or Ile-de-France in relay points

the restaurant l'Ancien Théâtre in Nîmes

Grocery US, everywhere in France

The Comptoir de la Bio stores and their "recipe baskets" with an organic menu at less than 5 € per person starter / main course / dessert.

anti-waste applications: Too good to go or Phoenix.


Yves Camdeborde and roast chicken

Ophélie Neiman and Spring wines

The dish of the day

Pork belly and potatoes shot by Marie Barbaut

of the restaurant Cocotte et Tire-Bouchon in Paris