Solène Delinger 23:00 pm, March 25, 2023

The blind auditions of "The Voice" have once again been in full swing this Saturday, March 25, 2023 on TF1. The coaches had the pleasure of discovering the sweet voice of Marilyne Naaman, a well-known artist in Lebanon. The 24-year-old, actress and singer, has already given the answer to Nathalie Baye in a film.

Marilyne Naaman, an artist known in Lebanon, had only one desire when she went to the blind auditions of The Voice this Saturday, March 25, 2023: to assert herself as a singer with Eastern and Western influences. A successful bet for the 24-year-old, who convinced the coaches with her interpretation of Serge Lama's Je suis malade.

You are a singer but above all an actress known in your native country, Lebanon. So why participate in The Voice in France?

I just started my acting career in France with the film The Night of the Glass of Water (editor's note: in theaters on June 14, 2023). I really consider France my second country. So, I naturally wanted to participate in The Voice here so that I could also be known as a singer because I have been singing since I was very little.

"I want to project my multicultural identity"

So it was totally out of the question that you would run for The Voice Ahla Sawt, the Lebanese version of the contest?

Yes, because I want to bring something new to France. In Lebanon, there is already this mixture between Eastern and Western cultures. I think I can project my multicultural identity more clearly onto the stage of The Voice France.

You sang in front of the coaches Je suis malade, a classic of the French repertoire performed by Serge Lama. Why this choice?

I really wanted to sing in French and it turns out that this song is also very well known in Lebanon. It was a challenge because it is reinterpreted every season of The Voice (laughs). But I managed to deliver my own version, very oriental.

"I felt something with Vianney"

Your interpretation seduced the coaches. Why did you choose to join the Vianney team?

I hadn't chosen which team I wanted to be on before I went on stage at The Voice. I'm 24 years old, I love adventures and I wanted to live the thing to the fullest by following my instincts. And I felt something with Vianney.

As you pointed out, we will soon discover you in the film La Nuit du verre d'eau, alongside Nathalie Baye. How was your collaboration with Johnny's former wife?

Nathalie Baye is lovely and very professional. It was truly an honour to play alongside him. She made me feel comfortable. We shot in Lebanon and she loved the country. She managed to see all her beauty despite all the difficult things going on right now.