In order to make use of the voices of young people at the G5 Hiroshima Summit to be held in May, the "G7 Summit for High School Students" was held in Tokyo, where high school students discussed various issues such as security and climate change.

This event was held at the United Nations University in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo as a related event for the G7 Hiroshima Summit, and was attended by about 140 high school students from all over Japan, including online.

The participants were divided into groups and discussed five themes, including "Peace and Security" and "Climate and Environment."

Among them, the Peace and Security Group expressed the opinion that it would like to create opportunities for citizens to participate in discussions in countries possessing nuclear weapons toward the abolition of nuclear weapons, and that it would like to create a place where young people from each country can interact and deepen mutual understanding in order to create a peaceful world.

The opinions expressed by each group will be compiled into a proposal and delivered to the leaders of each country attending the G5 Hiroshima Summit.

A first-year high school boy who participated said, "Through the discussions, I was able to perceive international issues that I had been involved in as my own matter, and I would like to pay attention to what kind of discussions will be held at the G7 Hiroshima Summit."