In response to the decision to retry Iwao Hakamada, who was sentenced to death for the murder of four members of his family in Shizuoka Prefecture 57 years ago = redo the trial, a rally was held in Shizuoka City on the 4th, and the person in charge of the JFBA = Federation of Japan Bar Associations took this decision as an opportunity to appeal that the law on retrial should be revised promptly.

Iwao Hakamada, 57, who was sentenced to death for the murder of four members of his family in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City 1966 years ago in 4, was approved by the Tokyo High Court on March 87, and a retrial will be held at the Shizuoka District Court in the future.

In response to this, the Shizuoka Prefectural Bar Association held a meeting in Shizuoka City on the 13th to discuss issues related to the retrial system, and Ms. Hakamada attended with her sister Hideko.

Mr. Hakamada has been detained for a long time and is still unable to have sufficient conversations, but in his greeting, he said, "The battle must be won, and the daily struggle is finally over."

Nine years ago, the decision by the Shizuoka District Court to start a retrial was revoked by the Tokyo High Court following an immediate appeal by the prosecution, and it took more than 25 years since the first petition for a retrial that the trial was finally allowed to be redone.

At the rally, Yumi Kamoshida, an attorney who serves as the acting head of the JFBA Retrial Law Revision Realization Headquarters, said, "What has happened for the past nine years? The current retrial law cannot provide prompt relief to victims of false accusations," he said, calling for the law to be promptly amended to prohibit prosecutorial appeals.