Children's minds are far from mature, and modern media will almost inevitably have a physical and mental impact on children.

Recently, the incident of "a girl throwing a little boy into a well" has attracted the attention of many netizens.

On March 3, the police in Songming, Yunnan made a report, and it was verified: at about 22 o'clock on March 3, when Yang (male, 8 years old) and Wang (female, 16 years old), a neighbor in the same village, were playing next to the well in the village, Wang picked Yang up and put him into the well (4.7 meters from the wellhead to the water surface, 2 meters deep). The parents of the children involved usually have no contradictions.

At present, Yang has recovered, and under the mediation of the local village committee, the two sides have reached a settlement. According to the Beijing News, the village cadres where the incident occurred said that the girl's behavior was imitation of the plot of film and television.

After watching that video, I believe that many people, in addition to worrying about the safety of the little boy, also have an indescribable shock: How could such a young girl make such an extreme move? Now, the little boy who was thrown into the well has been confirmed to be fine, and the parents of the two parties involved have also reconciled, which can be regarded as a not bad result.

However, the scene between two neighborhood children who are only 7 and 4 years old respectively has two warning significances that must not be ignored. For example, the responsibility of parents to take care of them, whether it is necessary to do some safety protection measures at the wellhead of the incident, etc., are all worthy of attention. In addition, local village officials mentioned that the girl picked up the boy and put him in the well because it "imitated the plot of the film and television", and if this detail is true, it reflects problems that cannot be ignored.

Some professionals analyzed that from a psychological point of view, the girl's behavior is an aggressive behavior of children, and the lack of family love and frequent contact with violent film and television dramas will have a great impact on children. Therefore, doctors suggest that parents should pay more attention to improve their children's ability to empathize.

Previously, many netizens carried out various versions of analysis and speculation about the behavior motives of the little girl. "Imitating the plot" is probably the most surprising. Because it seems to be one of the "easiest" reasons.

In fact, from public reports alone, it can be found that it is not uncommon for minors to imitate film and television dramas to commit extreme acts and cause safety accidents. Similar incidents such as "children imitating cartoons burn companions" and "food short video bloggers were added as defendants in the death of a girl's homemade popcorn" have occurred more than once.

However, it is difficult to say that these extreme cases have really attracted enough attention, and more people may still see it as an accident. However, it is undeniable that modern media tools such as TV dramas and mobile phones are actually "fighting" with parents for children's minds.

If children lack the necessary guidance and attention in the process of contacting these media, then the greater they may be affected by the extreme influence of television and mobile phones, and the higher the probability of extreme behavior. Most of the time, the impact may be subtle and secretive, but as this incident reminds, when extreme actions occur, they can bring "unbearable" weight.

The rise of modern audiovisual media, from radio to television to now mobile phones, has blurred the boundaries between children and adults when it comes to receiving messages. Now short videos, especially some "second creation videos" mixed with bad content, often appear on different platforms, and children who are far from immature in mind are almost inevitably affected.

In order to reduce the bad induction brought by the child, more rely on the "most primitive" method - more attention and guidance to the child's body and mind, replace the company of TV and mobile phone with more parent-child companionship, and consciously help them improve their ability to distinguish and safety awareness.

This point has actually been studied and discussed a lot around the world. However, how to minimize this adverse impact is still a common problem faced by modern education, and it still requires more attention and response from the whole society. In fact, producers of film and television dramas, short videos and other companies are also responsible for this issue. If the imitator's injury is caused due to lax review, he will also bear the legal liability stipulated in the Civil Code and the Tort Liability Law.

For example, in the case of "Children Imitating Cartoons Burns Companions", the court of first instance pointed out that film and television companies that produce cartoons, because their dissemination targets are mainly special groups of minors, should take the initiative to strictly review and filter the plots and pictures that are inappropriate for minors, and have the duty of care to remind them of risks and guard against imitation; Otherwise, even if the production and distribution are administratively licensed, if the objective consequences of the damage are actually caused, they will also bear fault liability.

Therefore, families and schools may still have room to work hard to prevent minors from "imitating film and television plots" from causing related harm. Film and television production companies also need to shoulder their due social responsibilities, and the judiciary and administration must strengthen supervision in order to jointly protect the growth of minors.

□ Yangmo (media personality)

(Beijing News)