Capcom, the developers of "Resident evil 4" now coming as a remake have done the seemingly impossible: make a game that was perceived accomplished in 2005 blossom to its full potential in 2023.

The game world is flooded with remakes, they can be seen as a way to milk money out of a game concept – or as a way to put old games in the hands of new players and pass on experiences to new generations. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

When "Resident evil 4" came along, it revolutionized the gaming world. But by today's standards, it would have been out of fashion on all levels. To be able to return to the feeling from then, but with the technology from today makes for an incredibly wonderful experience. In the remake, just the right things have been adjusted, replaced, removed and added.

The story, of course, is the same. You play agent Leon with a mission to save the president's daughter who is being held captive in a Spanish, remote mountain village. Nothing is right there. In classic "Resident evil" fashion, you puzzle and beat your way forward. In grand castles, suspicious industries and small villages, you'll encounter various enemies – one more unpleasant than the other – who will leave you feeling like almost every fight is a joy. Fun, innovative and well balanced.

It's also unsettlingly neat. Leon the hunk who made teenage cheeks blush 18 years ago now has, if possible, even prettier hair, the environments are gloomy, dark and full of detail. The game is also phenomenally sounded and makes you sit on edge all the time – listening for chainsaws simmering or villagers angrily shouting something to you. The atmosphere is like fog around you as soon as you grasp the controller.

All game moments; Discovery, combat, puzzles and breathing space feel cohesive and perfectly balanced. You don't get tired before the game changes shape and changes shape. Anachronistic things have been replaced, new ones put in their place and together they blend together so naturally that you almost can't see that the game hasn't always been like this. And maybe that's the ultimate remake? That a classic from the past, may become a classic again.