Recently, following the expulsion of He Moumou, a "yellow rumor-monger" at the University of South China, the University of Science and Technology of China also announced the cancellation of his admission qualification. Earlier, some netizens posted news that the student stole the photos of the girl's circle of friends and processed them into indecent pictures and posted them online for profit. After calling the police, the boy was taken away by the police for investigation and was administratively punished. Not long ago, Soochow University student Zhao Moumou was also expelled from school and administratively punished for maliciously changing pictures and creating pornographic rumors to insult women. These rumor-mongers have paid the price for their despicable actions, in line with the public's expectation of justice.

Rumor-mongers hurt people invisibly, and those who spread pornographic rumors are even worse. Combing through a series of recent events, it is not difficult to summarize the common dilemma of women when they encounter yellow rumors. First of all, such rumors are unpreventable, whether it is photos in the circle of friends, interactions in daily life, or the rumor-monger's understanding of their own basic situation, they may become the material for the other party's wanton "creation". Fabricating sensational peach-colored chat content, stealing photos to make unsightly composite pictures, and telling the fabricated plot to be true... In reality, "yellow rumors" will spread in various unexpected ways.

In the face of all kinds of false arrangements, victims are often unable to argue and find it difficult to prove their innocence. Many times, they don't know who is the rumor-monger in the shadows, let alone have the opportunity to confront the rumor-monger head-on. However, they have to pay a heavy price for "social death". Looking back at the tragedy caused by the "yellow ballad", everyone can feel the damage it caused to the human dignity of the victims. The depression, pain and despair of the victims are even more sympathetic.

Counting the evil done by the "yellow rumors", every pile is infuriating. The groundless but overwhelming slander on the Internet broke the psychological defense of the pink-haired girl Zheng Linghua step by step, and finally made her lose the courage to continue living and choose suicide; Ms. Wu, who was just going downstairs to pick up a courier and was rumored to be a "cheating courier", was originally a victim, but she still had to pay the price of being persuaded by the company to quit and her career stagnated and stranded. Compared with these publicly reported incidents, there are more victims who choose to endure and dare not speak out their sense of suffocation, and in real life, everyone knows what it means to a "social person" that others point at and intentionally or unintentionally avoid.

The closer we zoom in to the observation lens, the more we can see how the harm of rumors to people occurs step by step, and then we can appreciate the necessity of resolutely resisting and cracking down on yellow rumors. In contrast, there are some downplays the dangers of yellow rumors. For example, some rumor-mongers use "jokes" to explain their motives for their actions, and those who forward rumors will also use fluttering "just eat a melon" to escape responsibility, and some people are unimpressed by the victim's brave rights protection, and also advise them that "it's not a big deal" and "don't overreact". Previously, some schools even chose to "make big things small" for the yellow rumor creation incident out of various considerations.

Even for people like He Moumou of the University of South China whose "yellow rumors" are extremely serious, some people question: Is expulsion, disqualification, and administrative punishment too heavy? These understated views are either out of ignorance of the dangers of yellow rumors or selective neglect of the victim's plight. In fact, as long as you see how yellow rumors make people fall into depression and go to a desperate situation in life, as long as they agree with the consensus that personality cannot be insulted and privacy is inviolable, they will not feel that it is a big deal to deal with it seriously in accordance with laws and regulations. For yellow rumors, any neglect will cause connivance and will bring unbearable weight to others.

Whether it is improving from the legal level, solving the problem of difficulty in presenting evidence and defending rights of victims of yellow rumors, and more efficiently identifying the operators behind the scenes, or colleges and universities using the yellow rumors incident as an opportunity to carry out gender education, openly discuss the gender bias behind this phenomenon, the effective way to popularize the rights of victims, or everyone starts from themselves, maintains a cautious attitude in daily life, and refuses to concoct and spread gossip, it will help to combat such phenomena. Only by facing up to the harm of yellow rumors and transmitting correct concepts based on respect for others can we convey goodwill and make social order more just and ideal. (China Youth Daily)