【Commentary】On March 3, the 23 "Lancang-Mekong Readers" and China-Thailand Cultural Exchange and Mutual Learning Theme Forum was held in a combination of online and offline venues, with venues set in Nanning, Guangxi, China and Bangkok, Thailand.

【Commentary】Young writers, poets, university teachers and students from China and Thailand lead the audience to feel the charm of the two cultures and share the friendship between China and Thailand through appreciation of Chinese and Thai literary works, dance performances, musical instrument performances, and folk culture sharing.

【During the same period】Zhang Gangwei, deputy general manager of Guangxi Huali Broadcast Culture Media Co., Ltd

Through this activity, the people of China and Thailand can have closer contact with each other's cultures, enhance the emotional connection between the young people of the two countries, and be more conducive to exchanges and cooperation between the two peoples.

This year marks the seventh anniversary of the launch of Lancang-Mekong cooperation. According to the organizers of the event, the 7 "Lancang-Mekong Readers" event aims to build a platform for non-governmental exchanges between China and Thailand and enhance the friendship between Lancang-Mekong youth. Since the launch of the event, nearly 2023 Chinese and Thai "readers" have recited classic Chinese and Thai literary works through live broadcasts, attracting countless fans.

【During the same period】Nanning Vocational and Technical College student Qin Jing

In this reading activity, I read the poem "There is a dream (want) to have a distance" in Thai, and reading this poem has improved my Thai language to a certain extent, I plan to study in Thailand at the end of June and early July this year, I hope that after studying in Thailand, I will become a "bridge" for cultural exchanges between China and Thailand.

【During the same period】Shao Yuqi, a student at Panakorn Royal Institute of Technology, Thailand

I think that in this activity, Thai students read Chinese poetry in Chinese, and Chinese students read Thai poetry in Thai, which will allow us to better understand the culture of each other's countries, and I hope that such exchange activities can be held more.

It is reported that as the frontier and window of China-ASEAN opening up and cooperation, Guangxi has cultivated a large number of Southeast Asian minority language talents over the years. Huang Shiya, a teacher at Nanning Vocational and Technical College, said that the students improved their language skills and cross-cultural communication skills during the activities, and broadened their international perspectives.

【During the same period】Huang Shiya, teacher of Nanning Vocational and Technical College

This activity deepens students' practice of spoken Thai, gives them a chance to showcase, and lets them know where the gap between them and Thais is. Therefore, students not only improved their language skills in this activity, but also improved their ability to communicate across cultures and expand their international perspectives.

Reporting by Chen Yanyou and Chen Qiuxia, Nanning, Guangxi

Responsible Editor: [Fang Jialiang]