The producer of the films "Avatar" Jon Landau revealed new details about the upcoming parts of the franchise of James Cameron. So, the third "Avatar" should be released in December 2024 and, reportedly, has the working title The Seed Bearer ("Carrier of the seed").

In an interview with the portal The Wrap, Landau said that the audience will again see one of the characters liked by the public. We are talking about the sea creature Payakan - tulkun, who was expelled from the pack and in the plot befriended Loak, the son of Jake Sally and Neytiri. In the Avatar universe, tulkuns are creatures similar to whales.

"I've always considered Payakan to be a kind of Lassie. I would say that this story is very similar to the story of a boy and his dog: they are both outcasts and need each other. I decided that Payakan would be a full-fledged character. At first, people didn't understand that. We've had to say over and over again that Payakan is a (full-fledged. – RT) character. Later, when we asked the audience about the heroes of the film, they always mentioned Payakan, which was unusual, "the producer said.

Landau said back in January during a conversation with Empire journalists that the team of the tape considers Payakan as a character, and not as a minor animal. According to the producer, antagonist Mick Scorsby, whose role is played by Brendan Cowell, is likely to also appear in the next film and will want to take revenge on Payakan for losing his hand.

Landau also confirmed the appearance in future films of the Corporation for the Development of Natural Resources (RDA). According to the filmmaker, the audience will reveal the details of her activities - members of the organization will continue to try to turn Pandora into a habitat for humans.

"I think in the future we will definitely face the RDA corporation again. We know that Giovanni (Ribisi. - RT) will return to the role of Selfridge. In the second film, he flashed in a small video. But in the future, he will return in full," Landau said.

The other day it was also reported that the authors of the franchise will introduce viewers to the new tribes of the Na'vi. According to the portal Inverse, in the next tape there will be at least two new clans, one of them is the "ash clan" led by Warang, whose role will be played by Una Chaplin. It is a more aggressive tribe than the Omachaya and Metkayina clans.

Each people represented in the films will be physically adapted to their ecosystem, just as the body of the representatives of the water people in the second film was adapted to quick and easy movement in the ocean.

"As the franchise evolves, we'll see different physical features specific to different cultures on Pandora," said Jon Landau. "As with Metkayina and Omatikaya, we'll see characters of different skin color, as they're an (integral) part of our world, and we see what we do as a metaphor for our world."

The producer noted that the universe will continue to evolve, and in new parts the audience will be introduced to the diversity of living beings, including the tribes of the colorful planet.

  • © A shot from the film "Avatar: The Way of Water" (2022)

Among other things, Landau reported that each of the upcoming parts of the franchise is conceived as a separate film, in which filmmakers will present "new habitats and new cultures, and with new cultures will appear new characters." Nevertheless, according to the producer, the old heroes will not be forgotten - their story will also continue to develop with each new tape.

For example, the third part will show the consequences of the tragedy that occurred in the finale of "Avatar: The Way of Water" in the family of Jake and Neytiri. Heroes will cope with the loss of one of their sons. At the same time, the authors of the tape will talk more about the other children of the couple, in particular, details related to Kiri's connection with nature and the ability to control it will be revealed.

In the new "Avatar" will be revealed another storyline from the second part - the relationship between a teenager named Spidey and the avatar of his father, Colonel Quaritch, who died in the first film. In the finale of The Way of Water, Spider saves Quaritch's avatar despite his atrocities. Landau hinted that such an act of the guy could contribute to the transformation of the villain.

It is also known that between the third and fourth parts of the franchise there will be a significant time jump. It will precede the events of the fifth film, the action of which will partially unfold on Earth. The authors of the story plan to send the main character Neytiri to the planet of people to show her that not all of humanity is rotten because of anger and greed.

The premiere of the film "Avatar: The Way of Water" took place on December 6, 2022. Having collected about $ 2.3 billion during the world show, James Cameron's blockbuster got into the list of the highest-grossing films in history. In Russia, the film was not officially released, but was shown in major film networks in Moscow and the regions.