Designed marketing campaign or simple ideological radicalism, the decision of the Catalan writer and journalist Júlia Bacardit to prohibit the translation of her books into Spanish has aroused a strong controversy, crossing the borders of cultural debate. "I don't want to contribute to the bilingualization of Catalan literature," Bacardit said in an interview with the digital newspaper El Nacional.

Author of Dietari Sentimental (Medusa), Bacardit refuses to have her book translated into Spanish, but not into any other language. A "firm decision" that he considers necessary in the face of "the very clear setback of Catalan" in Catalonia. "It is the only contribution I can make for our language, the only small victory is that my Spanish-speaking friends read me in Catalan," she stresses.

Bacardit, in whose book he speaks of the "pain of the language", assures that in his decision there is no feeling of moral and/or cultural superiority. "If I do, it's because for me that's very important, it's personal and it really hurts me," says the writer, who had published another book, The Price of Being a Mother, an essay on egg donation, which sold more copies in Spanish than in the Catalan edition.

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