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Guest in the show "Chez Jordan" on C8 Wednesday, March 22, 2023, Romane Serda made rare confidences about Malone, her son born from his union with the singer Renaud in July 2006. Now 16 years old, the teenager is a boy much less "dissipated" than his dear mother, who confides her admiration for him ...

Rare confidences. Guest in the show Chez Jordan on C8 Wednesday, March 22, 2023, Romane Serda did not hesitate to talk about her relationship with Malone, the son she shares with the singer Renaud. The interpreter of Mistral Gagnant and the pretty blonde met in 1999 and married six years later, in 2005.

"He is less dissipated than me, I admire him"

Then, Romane Serda gave birth to their baby boy in July 2006. Now a teenager, Malone is doing very well, assures his mother: "He is fine, he is tall! He overtook me!" she told Jordan De Luxe. Renaud's former wife is happy to see that her son is focusing on his studies. "He's less dissipated than me so it's perfect, I admire him," she said. "I have to play the mother and say, 'Say you did your homework?' But I'm happy that he takes to heart to work even if he is still a teenager and he has other things to do, "she continues. Romane Serda nevertheless understood that it was not very useful to be authoritarian with her son because he finally has "much more conscience and seriousness" than his mother. "So I'm delighted," says Renaud's ex.

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"Everyone has their life, and that's fine"

Romane Serda, who divorced the singer in 2011, has never stopped being there for him. She and Malone went to applaud him at one of his concerts in Lille last February. And, she is very happy that her ex-husband has found love again and that he has formalized this new romance. "It's healthier. On the contrary, that he is not in a waiting, I could say no to him ...", she explains, alluding to the attempts to win back Renaud, who wanted to get back with her. "So there, everyone has his life, and it's very good, it's nice like that," says Romane Serda, who has already met Renaud's new partner. "She's nice but I haven't seen her much, I don't know her much," says the one who hopes that her ex has finally found the woman of his life.