Qinghai Qilian, 3 March -- Qinghai Qilian Rural "lattice shop": People "walk" in the shop to deliver services to their homes

Written by Li Jun

In early spring on the plateau, in Qilian County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, located in the hinterland of the Qilian Mountains, the sun shines on Guomi Village in Zamash Township.

"Uncle, how has your body recovered recently? If something happens, call me in the 'shop'. Shop worker Sonam is returning to visit 68-year-old villager Zhao Xiaozhang.

"It's all good, as soon as I say something on my phone, you will come, and we don't have to worry about running errands, I am already very grateful." Zhao Xiaozhang said.

Not long ago, Zhao Xiaozhang because of leg pain and discomfort, and his children were not around, so he thought of leaving a message on the "fingertip handling" WeChat mini program for help, and after receiving the help, the shop clerks Sonam Cai Rang and Dou Tai let the two party members come to the door to understand the situation at the first time, and contacted the medical staff of the health center to diagnose the elderly at home, and under everyone's concern, Zhao Xiaozhang's health improved.

The picture shows the reporter experiencing the steps of reporting public information in the "lattice shop". Photo by Li Jun

In Guomi Village, when villagers find any problems or encounter trouble, they only need to shout through their mobile phones in the "people's love lattice shop", and village cadres and party members will immediately come to the door.

"Just take out your mobile phone and open WeChat to scan this QR code, and the villagers can report problems and communicate with our shop leaders and shop staff anytime and anywhere, and the shop leaders and shop staff will come to the door to verify as soon as they receive the problems reported by the masses." Luo Sang, administrator of "Lattice Shop" and member of the village-based task force in Guomi Village, pointed to the QR code on the wall at the smart dispatching center of "Party Building + People's Sentiment Lattice Shop" (hereinafter referred to as "Lattice Shop") in Guomi Village.

Under Luo Sang's introduction, the reporter took out his mobile phone and tried to scan the QR code of the "lattice shop", and immediately jumped out the introduction of Guomi Village and the text and picture of the work dynamics, and villagers could fill in the form to report the people's situation on the page, including name, phone number, event description and other content.

"In order to solve the problem that the masses can't type, the description of the incident can be text or send voice, click 'My' to check the acceptance status and progress." Rosanne said.

Through the background management system, the reporter saw that since the establishment of the "lattice shop" in June last year, it has accepted 6 problems reported by the masses, and all of them are in the state of "completed".

The picture shows the regional distribution and mechanism of "lattice shop". Photo by Li Jun

"Originally, the village environment was dirty and poor, the hardware facilities were weak, the villagers' satisfaction was low, and there were many contradictions and disputes, but now we rely on the 'lattice shop' to mediate conflicts and disputes on the spot, provide door-to-door services, solve practical and difficult things for the masses, and the satisfaction rate of the masses reaches 100%, truly realizing 'everything is connected to the hearts of the people, and the service is zero distance'." Zhou Qucailang, secretary of the party branch of Guomi Village, director of the village committee, and head of the shop, said, "People walk in the 'shop', and things are done in the 'shop'. One entry, face-to-face acceptance, collaborative handling, efficient service is our goal. ”

Zamash Township has established a four-level grid management model led by the township party committee, promoted by the township government, linked by the village committee, and participated by party members and cadres, relying on the "fingertip handling" WeChat mini program, adopting the mechanism of direct office, co-operation, joint office, and supervision, all public affairs matters are classified into the "shop", the deputy secretary of the township party committee is the chief shopkeeper, the secretary of the village party branch serves as the shop chief, and the cadres of the "two committees" and the old party members with high prestige, familiar village feelings, and sufficient experience and thirteen categories of personnel in the village are the shop members, ensuring that the responsibility is to the head and the service is to the heart.

"In September last year, I had a cerebral infarction operation, and my wife and I had mobility problems and wanted to apply for temporary assistance, but I didn't know what to do, so I shouted at the 'lattice shop', and Sonam came the next day." Old Man Sanjay said.

According to the grid, shop clerk Sonam visited the home in time, took the initiative to go to the home of the elderly in Sanjayji, learned about his family income and hospitalization, collected supporting information, and truthfully reflected what he learned to the shop manager, and after the shop manager repeatedly verified the situation, held a meeting in time to successfully include the elderly Sanjayji in the temporary assistance target.

"Now with the grid division, the work tasks are clear, the basic situation is familiar, our work efficiency has been greatly improved, and I am happy to be able to do practical and good things for the masses." Sonam said.

Zhang Yonghuan, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Qilian County Party Committee, introduced that on the basis of completing the prescribed actions of social governance, and in accordance with the principle of pilot incubation and then comprehensive promotion, each township will currently incubate social governance characteristic projects, forming "one township, one product" and "one township with multiple products" for municipal social governance, and comprehensively promote it after successful incubation, maximize the potential and effectiveness of grassroots governance, and truly achieve "zero distance" in serving the people. (End)