At Kyoto City University of Arts, a unique graduation ceremony was held in which graduates participated while dressed up in costumes and performing music, and students who continued their artistic activities during the Corona disaster left to study.

Kyoto City University of Arts is scheduled to move to the vicinity of JR Kyoto Station this October, and the last graduation ceremony was held at the Kutsukake Campus in Nishikyo Ward.

This year, for the first time in three years after the Corona disaster, all graduates attended the ceremony together, so representatives from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Music took to the stage for each major to receive their diplomas.

Some students were wearing costumes and climbing the stairs with unsteady steps, and playing instruments with their friends as they headed to the stage, and the venue was filled with laughter and applause.

At the ceremony, President Tama Akamatsu mentioned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and encouraged the students, saying, "Now that we feel that peace and security are difficult to take for granted, it is very meaningful to imagine and dream and transmit them to society.

In response, the graduate students reflected on their days on campus, saying, "I will never forget the obsession with one thing and the preciousness of passion."

After the ceremony, a graduate of the Faculty of Music said, "It was a fulfilling four years where I learned about the possibilities of music, such as streaming the concert that was canceled due to Corona online so that many people could enjoy it."