Photo courtesy of Literature Group, the work of the author of the overseas network, "The Number One Supplier of the Dungeon"

"I never thought I'd be a writer. When I read more and more romance novels, I found that the cliché plot of 'girls in distress' was often repeated in them, so I complained to my husband. He had a wit and suggested that I write the story I wanted to see. That's when I came across WebNovel. The 29-year-old Filipino female author TheBlips (screen name) is a big fan of Chinese online novels and has been writing on the Origin International website for 4 years. After starting her own creation, she found a new way of living while writing with a baby, and now has works such as The Villain's Wife, which is well known in local readers.

"When I started writing, I only thought of it as a hobby, thinking that sooner or later I would go back to law school and continue my dream of being a lawyer. But I didn't, I love writing so much! Writing is really exhilarating and eye-opening! TheBlips said.

Aggregating writers from multiple countries

Today, there are many foreign authors like TheBlips who work internationally at the beginning. According to the "2022 China Online Literature Fun Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") jointly released by China Literature Group and the Global Public Opinion Survey Center under the Global Times, by the end of 2022, Origin International had launched about 2900,34 Chinese online literary translation works, cultivated about 50,<> overseas online authors, and launched about <>,<> overseas original works.

Among the 34,00 overseas network authors on the platform, young people have become the backbone, with post-37 authors accounting for 5.95%, followed by post-29s, accounting for 5.2%, and Generation Z accounting for more than 3/2018. Overseas young creators have unleashed great creativity on the platform, and the phenomenon of "becoming famous in one book" is not uncommon. Since the launch of the overseas original function by Starting Point International in 4, the number of overseas online authors has grown rapidly, with a compound growth rate of more than 130% in <> years, with the United States having the largest number of online authors, followed by India, the Philippines, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

With the rapid growth of overseas online authors, overseas online literature has blossomed, and a creative pattern of more than 15 sub-categories in 100 categories has been formed, with urban, western fantasy, oriental fantasy, game competition, and science fiction being the top five genres. At the same time, overseas online authors are also deeply influenced by the genre of Chinese online literature, and there are many typical models of Chinese online literature genre in the top ten labels of original works.

Yang Chen, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of China Literature Group, said: "No matter which language can use stories to carry dreams, transcend cultural differences, and win the love of readers, this is the charm of online literature. In the future, we will work with our partners to adapt more overseas online literary works into audiobooks, animation, film and television forms, and create a sound IP ecological chain for global creators. ”

Chinese web literature is popular all over the world

"When I was a child, I knew China by watching the TV series "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "Bao Qingtian", and now I understand China through online literature." Pipo, head of OokbeeU reading business in Thailand, said, "10% of people in Thailand read online novels on our platform every month. ”

In recent years, Chinese online literature has increasingly attracted the attention and love of overseas readers. According to the report, the readers of Starting Point International cover more than 200 countries and regions around the world, the country with the largest number of readers is the United States, and the fastest growing country is Pakistan. Among them, Generation Z readers account for more than 75%, showing the strong appeal of Chinese web novels among young people overseas.

On this website, more than 2900,2022 Chinese online literary translation works cover various genres such as fairy tales, fantasy, urban, and science fiction. By the end of 9, 4 translated works of Chinese online literature had exceeded <> million views, and "May You Be Bright", which tells the story of contemporary women's self-improvement, exceeded <> million views, ranking first on the list.

By reading Chinese online literature, overseas readers can learn about traditional Chinese culture and contemporary China across the screen. In 2022, the word "China" appeared more than 15,2022 times in the comments of international readers. Among the most frequently mentioned Chinese elements in readers' discussions were Taoist culture, cuisine, martial arts, tea art, and pandas. In particular, it is worth mentioning that in 16, <> works such as "Big Country Heavy Industry" and "Great Doctor Ling Ran" will be included in the Chinese collection of the British Library, highlighting the world recognition of Chinese online literature.

(People's Daily overseas edition reporter Zhang Pengyu)