【Scene】Zeng Jiaping, Hong Kong youth

I also have a property here in Nansha, just opposite Chuangxiang Bay, and I also develop together with Nansha.

【Commentary】 Hong Kong youth Zeng Jiaping shared his entrepreneurial story on stage, since he came to the mainland in 2015 to work hard, he has been to many mainland cities, recently he moved into a brand new office, from home to work, 5 minutes away.

【Contemporaneous】 Tsang Jiaping Hong Kong youth

When I came to Nansha in March 2022, I found that the construction of the community here is very international, the environment is very comfortable, and it surpasses many international cities in all aspects.

【Commentary】Zeng Jiaping's company is located in Chuangxiang Bay, Nansha District, Guangzhou, where the "Nansha Taiwan Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Base" was officially launched recently, which is positioned to help Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese youth integrate into the development of the Bay Area. With low entry costs and many policy benefits, the base quickly attracted many aspiring young people to join.

【During the same period】Executive General Manager of Specialized International Youth Community Chen Cong

At present, there are 20 Hong Kong and Macao enterprises and 4 Taiwan youth entrepreneurial enterprises, if you settle in our youth entrepreneurship community, in addition to enjoying the "New Ten Points" policy of Nansha to support Hong Kong and Macao youth, we will also provide them with a series of consulting services according to their needs from different aspects such as business registration, brand, investment and financing, intellectual property rights, etc.

In addition to hardware support, Nansha has made great efforts in promoting youth exchanges and integration in recent years, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan elements can be seen everywhere on the streets of various parks, and the newly released "New Ten" policy for Hong Kong and Macao youth innovation has created a good atmosphere conducive to young people working hard here. Qiu Yuling from Changhua, Taiwan, said frankly that she had encountered many difficulties when she came to the mainland to work hard, but relying on her own persistence, she and her team now have two companies in Nansha, and their business has been very busy this year.

【Contemporaneous】Qiu Yuling Taiwanese youth

Since the beginning of the year, our business has not stopped, the "new ten" policy of youth innovation, and the development of Nansha after staying in Nansha for five years, and the market prospects, so we are ready to deepen our cultivation in Nansha and do more development in Nansha.

According to reports, the Zhuochuang International Youth Community has also released the Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Youth Innovation Mentor Training Program and the Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Youth Practical Study Plan to promote extensive exchanges and comprehensive exchanges among young people in the Bay Area.

【Contemporaneous】 Tsang Jiaping Hong Kong youth

Eight years have passed, and I think the choice to come back to the mainland is correct, because life is also an experience, and I have learned a lot in the mainland.

Reporter Wang Qingran reported from Guangzhou

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]