The director of the theater played by Han Tongsheng (left) struggles between theater survival, artistic pursuit and human affection. The picture shows a still from "Spring Warm Sun".

-- Reporter Wei Zhong

When the popular traffic star is not only late for filming, he doesn't even memorize the lines, and he relies on reading children's songs and numbers to fool: "Two little bees, flying in the flowers." "One-two-three-four-five-six-seven, ninety JQK." In the "Spring Warm Sun" that is being broadcast, this plot made the audience play the barrage of "hahahahaha" and "second understanding". In a joyful atmosphere, this drama labeled as "dare to shoot" also triggered a heated discussion on the bad phenomena in the entertainment industry.

As a realistic drama focusing on the entertainment industry, the starting point of "Spring Warm Sun" is good, hoping to guide the current young artists to return to the true positive thinking of art through the transformation of the protagonist from a traffic star to a powerful actor. However, such a work that "identified the problem" did not give a satisfactory answer. Some people think that its satirical criticism is not in place, and the show's broadcast data is not ideal - Maoyan's popularity ranking on the third-party platform Maoyan is 13. Industry insiders believe that if a realistic work such as "Spring Warm Sun" wants to attract the audience, it is not only necessary to observe reality, but also to have a depth of intention and expression that is higher than reality.

Directly hit the chaos in the entertainment industry

In reality, for traffic stars, many people can't look at it, but they can't do without it. In "Spring Warm Sun", this is truly reflected. Song Yang, played by Huang Zitao, although he stood on the stage of the award ceremony, the respected seniors in the industry who served as the award presenters deliberately played "disappear" to show contempt and ridicule of traffic stars. Although Songyang was very popular, he clearly knew that he had no acting skills and no works, but only relied on "speculation CP" and the company's packaging marketing to bring fan heat. As he approached his thirties, he knew that his traffic path would not go long, so he wanted to return to the drama stage to prove himself. And the director of the drama theater knew that Song Yang could not act, and in order to sell tickets, he had to make every effort to persuade Song Yang's agent who "didn't understand anything" to let Song Yang act in a drama that did not make money. The dean, played by Han Tongsheng, reluctantly said the practical problem: "I still don't know that Song Yang can't act?" But without him, the play is gone. ”

The characters of "Spring Warm Sun" are full, on the one hand, the transformation anxiety of traffic stars, and on the other hand, there are also the hesitations experienced by traditional drama actors in the face of market changes. Ding Kemang, played by Wu Gang, is an excellent drama actor, who was a pillar of the drama theater when he was young, honest and selfless, meticulous in his treatment of art, and worthy of being called "both virtue and art". But because he has been active in the drama circle, there is no public popularity, let alone traffic, so Song Yang, who is even his own apprentice, is very passive and has to give up the position of male number one. Jiang Ye, played by Liu Bei, is a powerful actor who won the best actress several times in the early years, but he was already "outdated" in middle age, because he had conflicts with young female traffic stars who read numbers, changed scripts, and arrived late, and the scene was directly "written to death" by the screenwriter. The entertainment industry phenomenon satirized by "Spring Warm Sun" more or less has certain characters and story prototypes in reality, which stimulates heated discussions among the audience.

The discussion of the issue is superficial

Therefore, although the playback performance of the main drama of "Spring Warm Sun" is not satisfactory, the short video cut from the plot clip is not low in popularity on the Internet, occupying the fifth place in the popularity ranking of Douyin dramas. The attention aroused by these short videos shows that the issues that "Spring Warm Sun" cuts to have considerable space for discussion and topic depth. However, the phenomenon of cold drama and hot short video shows to a certain extent that although this work has identified the problem, it has failed to hand over a satisfactory "answer sheet" for the audience.

As we all know, film and television works created according to realistic themes should have a certain height when depicting and solving real problems, in order to have a guiding and leading role in the industry. The discussion of many issues in "Spring Warm Sun" is superficial or even not solved at all. For example, Songyang's agency insisted on changing the script, requiring Songyang to account for four-fifths of the entire play, how should the theater solve this contradiction between money and art? The solution given by the play is to let the project director of the investment company, played by Sun Yi, quickly find another "gold master". This inevitably made the audience a little disappointed and disappointed, and there was a barrage of complaints: "In the end, isn't it only possible to rely on the power of capital to solve the problem?" ”

"Spring Warm Sun" is preachy and makes the audience feel uncomfortable. For example, Jiang Ye, a "powerful actor who has been overwhelmed", complained at the dinner table after knowing that his role was "written to death" by the screenwriter because he offended the traffic star: "The story that obviously happened in Beijing, but I found a southern traffic star of 'Guangpu' as the protagonist, and there is no Beijing taste at all." Although the phenomenon described by Jiang Ye is correct, it is not expressed through the plot, but told in large lines, which inevitably annoys the audience: "Everyone understands these truths, can you stop reading them." ”