Public hospitals are not available, and private institutions have many routines

"One seedling is hard to find", when will the HPV vaccine be indiscriminately raised?

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Due to the "difficulty in finding one seedling" for the nine-valent vaccine in public hospitals, many consumers choose to make an appointment at private institutions, but private hospitals also have the problem of adding money in disguised ways by charging service fees, or "bundling" physical examinations or other services in the form of "bundled sales". In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that with the development of China's medical technology and the continuous advancement of domestic vaccine research and development, HPV vaccines will gradually be sufficient, and the contradiction between supply and demand will be alleviated.

A few days ago, the topic of nine-valent HPV vaccine bundle sales rushed to the top of the hot search, attracting attention.

As an effective measure to prevent cervical cancer, the popularity of HPV vaccination is increasing. At the same time, chaos such as HPV vaccine bundles, disguised price increases, and scalper flooding are frequent. The reporter's interview found that behind all kinds of chaos is the shortage of HPV vaccines, consumers are "difficult to find", and the high incidence of cervical cancer and the shortage of vaccines caused by "vaccination anxiety".

Fancy bundling, markup in disguise

According to relevant reports, a private hospital in Beijing was fined 54,58 yuan by the Beijing Fangshan District Market Supervision Administration for violating the price law. Through the e-commerce platform operated by its affiliates, the hospital launched the HPV vaccination appointment channel, and charged an appointment service fee for HPV vaccination, increasing the sales price of the vaccine in disguise. Among them, the nine-price package of three-shot package exceeded the government guidance price by 1631 yuan each.

The reporter called a community hospital in Beijing's Haidian District, and the staff said that the price of the nine-valent vaccine in Beijing public hospitals and community hospitals was 1298 yuan each, the vaccination fee was 25 yuan per injection, and the total for three doses was 3969 yuan.

However, consumers generally reported that it was difficult to get vaccines in public hospitals. Ms. Chen, who booked the nine-valent vaccine through a private institution in Beijing, said: "The price of private hospitals is generally higher than that of public hospitals, mainly because I want to get an appointment as soon as possible. The appointment details sent by Ms. Chen show that in addition to the vaccine fee and vaccination fee, the three-shot package also includes the doctor's service fee and observation fee, and the total price is 5780,<> yuan.

The reporter's search found that private institutions not only added money in disguise by charging service fees, but also "bundled" physical examinations or other services in the form of "bundled sales". In addition to vaccination, it also includes physical examination packages, HPV self-tests and other items. The customer service said that it is necessary to choose the corresponding package to place an order, the package cannot be changed, and the vaccine cannot be purchased separately.

Zhao Liangshan, a lawyer at Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm, believes that private hospitals have violated the provisions of Article 12 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law by increasing prices by bundling sales methods such as "physical examination packages". The opinions issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation last year also made it clear that in the process of selling goods, the regulatory authorities may determine that the illegal act of price gouging constitutes the illegal act of price gouging in the Provisions on Administrative Penalties for Price Violations, and can be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions.

If it is not nine prices, it is difficult to find a seedling"

"The nine-valent vaccine is so difficult to make an appointment, I'm so tired" "I haven't made an appointment after queuing for two years"... Behind the chaos of vaccine sales is the dilemma that many consumers are facing the dilemma of "difficulty in making appointments".

The reporter searched through the Miao platform and found that at present, many public hospitals and community hospitals in Beijing are showing "drug shortage", and you need to subscribe to the Miao notice first, and then make an appointment after receiving the reminder. The staff of one of the community health service centers said: "It is estimated that there is no drama this year, and there are now more people in line for the nine-valent vaccine. The staff also revealed that not only the nine-valent vaccine, but also the current demand for the quadrivalent vaccine is also very large, and it is also necessary to queue.

The reporter's interview found that many consumers have worked hard to find "one seedling". Some people chose to make appointments across provinces and cities, and even targeted the epidemic prevention stations in the county, some paid attention to more than a dozen dating platforms, and some joined the community vaccine group to share news every day. Some people also shared their experience of "landing at nine prices" on social platforms, listing the rules and times for different hospitals.

"Be sure to remember the number release time, set the alarm to grab the number, some are to release seedlings at 7 a.m. on weekdays, some are to release seedlings at 5 a.m. on Fridays, and all the information must be filled in before 5 o'clock to prevent delays in grabbing numbers." One woman who "went ashore" successfully said that even so, how long you wait to grab it depends on luck.

A staff member of a CDC in Anhui told reporters that the CDC regularly purchases vaccines and distributes them to outpatient clinics and community health centers, and when the supply is relatively good, an average of about 100 appointments can be made every month, basically every time the number will be full.

It is understood that globally, only Merck Sharp & Dohme can currently produce and supply nine-valent HPV vaccine, and although the wholesale volume of nine-valent HPV vaccine continues to grow, it is difficult to meet the growing domestic vaccination demand.

In addition, the CDC staff said that the scarcity of the nine-valent vaccine and the publicity impact of social media have led many women to adhere to "non-nine-price non-vaccination", which is also an important reason for the "difficulty of finding a seedling".

Early vaccination and early prevention, domestic vaccines are on the way

In response to the anxiety of HPV vaccine for many people, the consensus of industry experts is to get vaccinated as soon as possible and prevent it as soon as possible, and do not miss the best prevention opportunity in order to increase the scope of protection.

At the recent Sichuan Province Accelerated Elimination of Cervical Cancer Comprehensive Prevention and Control Academic Exchange Conference, a number of experts said that HPV16/18 type of risk is the highest, two, four, nine valent vaccines in the prevention effect and effectiveness of the similar, many patients in the process of hesitation and waiting on the infection disease, the important thing is not to hesitate, do not wait, do not prejudice, timely HPV vaccination and regular cervical cancer screening, equally important.

In January this year, the National Health Commission and other ten departments issued the Action Plan for Accelerating the Elimination of Cervical Cancer (1-2023), proposing to pilot the promotion of HPV vaccination services for school-age girls by 2030; 2025% cervical cancer screening rate among women of appropriate age; The treatment rate of patients with cervical cancer and precancerous lesions has reached 50%, and the pace of increasing vaccination rate is accelerating.

Recently, Chongqing announced that it will receive free HPV vaccine for 18,<> female students in the second year of junior high school this year, achieving full coverage in districts and counties. It is understood that at present, many provinces and cities in China have successively carried out HPV vaccine free or subsidized vaccination plans. Industry insiders said that incorporating vaccination into the government plan will help to transparent the price of HPV vaccine, put an end to the phenomenon of arbitrary charges and price increases, and provide a strong guarantee for the majority of women who need to be vaccinated against HPV.

In addition, the research and development process of domestic HPV vaccines is also accelerating. Up to now, among the domestic HPV vaccines, Wantai Biotech's bivalent HPV vaccine and Watson Biotech's bivalent HPV vaccine have been approved for marketing. According to incomplete statistics from the media, many domestic nine-valent HPV vaccine research companies have entered the phase III clinical research stage.

"With the development of China's medical technology and the continuous advancement of domestic vaccine research and development, HPV vaccines will gradually be sufficient, and the contradiction between supply and demand will be eased." The above-mentioned CDC staff said. (Daily Worker)