An expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was held to advise on measures against the new coronavirus, and analyzed that the number of newly infected people continued to decline nationwide and is expected to continue to level off in the future, but may start to increase in some regions toward the end of this month. While infection control measures are being reviewed in line with the transition to Class 5 under the Infectious Diseases Act, it is necessary to take voluntary action to prevent infection, especially to prevent infection from spreading to the elderly.

According to the expert panel, the current infection situation continues to decline nationwide, below the level of last summer before the start of the seventh wave of infections, and the number of seriously ill people and the number of deaths continues to decline.

Regarding the future infection situation, the expert meeting said that while the trend of infection is expected to continue to level off nationwide, it may turn to an increasing trend in some regions toward the end of this month through situations where the risk of infection increases, such as annual events.

The expert panel pointed out that even until the status of the novel coronavirus in the Infectious Diseases Act is shifted to "Class 7," it is necessary to strengthen and prioritize the medical system to provide appropriate medical care to the elderly and those at high risk of developing severe illness.

In addition, even as measures such as infection control measures are being reviewed, it is important to be interested in the epidemic situation in the community, take voluntary actions to prevent infection, and take care to prevent infection from spreading to the elderly, who are particularly at high risk of becoming seriously ill.

On top of that, ▽ If you are worried about your physical condition or have symptoms,
do not overdo it and recuperate at home or visit a medical institution
▽ Do
hand hygiene such as hand washing as a habit ▽ Wear a mask and cough etiquette
according to the occasion ▽ Ventilate and "5 Cs" We encourage each and every one of us to take measures such
as avoiding the situation.

Number of newly infected people nationwide 0.75 times compared to the previous week

According to the data presented at the expert meeting, the number of newly infected people nationwide in the week ending the 22nd was 1.0 times higher than the previous week, continuing a downward trend in most regions.

In the Tokyo metropolitan area, ▽Tokyo continues to decrease by 75.1 times, Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures by 3.0 times,
and Saitama prefectures by 79.0 times


Kansai, ▽Osaka Prefecture decreased by 81.0 times, Kyoto Prefecture by 73.0 times, Hyogo Prefecture by 76.0 times, Tokai Prefecture
▽ Aichi and Mie Prefectures by 80.0 times, and Gifu Prefecture by 71.0 times


▽Nara Prefecture has increased by 72.0 times, but the other 75 prefectures continue to have a downward trend.

The number of infected people per 1,07 population in the past week is ▽ Tottori Prefecture has the highest number of
infected people in Japan at 46.10, followed
▽ Shimane Prefecture has 1.74 people ▽ Nagano Prefecture has 09.72 people
etc. ▽ Tokyo has 71.67 people, Osaka prefecture has 24.28 people

, and
▽ 52.27 people nationwide.