China News Network Tongliao, March 3 Question: Wu Xiurong, a "Tony" teacher in rural Inner Mongolia: Silver hair has been cut more than 22,4 times in four years

China News Network reporter Zhang Linhu

She set up a volunteer service team of "volunteer scissors", with an average of more than 5000,<> haircuts per year; She set up the "Spice Girls" volunteer service team to carry out volunteer services for the "three left-behind" all year round; She set up the "Qiqiao Embroidery Crochet" volunteer service team to help villagers generate income, and she is a "good person in Tongliao" - Wu Xiurong.

Every weekend, in the charity cutting shop in Dongqijiazi Village, Dongfeng Town, Kailu County, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, there is an endless stream of elderly people who come to get haircuts, and Wu Xiurong will come here on time to cut the hair.

Wu Xiurong is the initiator of the charity cutting activity and an outstanding volunteer of Lei Feng Volunteer Service in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

In 2019, Wu Xiurong and villager Yu Jinhua founded the "Yi Scissors" barbershop. Every weekend, the shop is filled with old people waiting for haircuts, and the villagers affectionately call it "Love Shop".

"It was especially convenient when I had time and when I came. She is very hard, sometimes she is so busy that she can't even take care of eating, and she really serves the people, and we are grateful from our hearts. When it comes to Wu Xiurong, villager Li Zongying did not hesitate to praise.

"Everyone has a time when they are old," Wu Xiurong will come to the door to cut their hair.

The picture shows Wu Xiurong (first from right) rushing orders with his companions. Photo by Lui Zhimin

A few days ago, 74-year-old Yue Feng accidentally fell, causing a fracture of the tail vertebrae, and Wu Xiurong took the time to come to Yue Feng's house to cut the hair for the couple and the couple, which made Yue Feng very moved.

"We don't think we're dirty or tired, it's like this to everyone, she's been doing this all these years, this person is good." Yue Feng said.

Wu Xiurong said that whenever she gave the elderly a haircut, she was very satisfied to see them happy. "I think it's worth it for me to do this, and I will try to pass on this love and warmth."

In the past four years, the "Volunteer Scissors" volunteer service team has cut the hair of the elderly in the village more than 4,20000 times.

Those who love to go out love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed. Wu Xiurong's acts of love and kindness not only bring the villagers an external image improvement, but also invisibly affect the village style and people's customs, and gather strong positive energy for goodness.

"After giving them a haircut, they all love beauty, love to dress up, their mental outlook has changed, and everyone has love and positive energy." Wu Xiurong said that when the village designed the windmill corridor, when people needed to fold the windmill, many elderly people took the initiative to come to the village to help. "In one week, everyone folded 3,<> windmills."

"Rural revitalization, industry first". Wu Xiurong, president of the Women's Federation of Dongqijiazi Village, learned during a training that an embroidery company in Huolin Gol City led villagers to become rich, and she tried every possible way to contact the person in charge of the enterprise and lead the women in the village to learn embroidery techniques by inviting them in and going out. Through two studies, several women in the village have fully mastered the technique of embroidery crochet and have also signed orders.

"In the past, when the farm was not working, the women in the village would get together to play mahjong, but now the sisters are starting to like embroidery crochet because it is effective." Wu Xiurong introduced that now without delaying the work at home, he can increase his income by about 1000,<> yuan a month.

In order to help more people increase their income, Wu Xiurong took the lead in establishing the "Seven Tricks Embroidery Crochet" volunteer service team. "Now there are more than 30 people in the service team taking orders, and more than 20 people are learning the art of embroidery crochet." Wu Xiurong said.

The picture shows the work of the "Seven Tricks Embroidery Crochet" volunteer service team. Photo by Lui Zhimin

In 2006, villager Tang Chunyan suffered from myelitis and has since lost consciousness in his lower limbs. With a strong nature, she chooses to face life strongly and insist on self-care. In order to help her increase her income, Wu Xiurong often took the village embroidery experts to teach her embroidery crochet techniques.

"Thank you Sister Wu for providing me with this help, making me full of confidence in life, a yearning for life, if I can also take orders in the future, it can solve some of the burdens in my life." Tang Chunyan said.

Wu Xiurong also cares for the "three left-behind" people in the village through the "Moonknock on the Door" volunteer service activity.

Over the years, Wu Xiurong has used practical actions to infect and drive the people around him to devote themselves to volunteer service, and through the transformation of "participant" to "organizer" identity, this small city is full of positive energy. Wu Xiurong has successively won the honorary titles of "Tongliao City 38 Red Banner Bearer", "Tongliao Good Man" and "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Excellent Volunteer".

"I believe that this positive energy will inspire more and more people to join the ranks of serving the society, so that Chongde and goodness will become popular in the land of Kailu." Wu Xiurong said. (End)