In the variety show "Infinite Beyond Class", Li Zhiting went to Hengdian to experience the "horizontal drifting life" for two days and one night.

There are variety shows that allow stars to experience the "horizontal drift" work in the crew of Hengdian, and there are more than 300 amateurs of college students in their lives, collectively doing group performances to participate in movie shooting, and recently the job of "group performance" has frequently appeared on the hot search. When the previous TV series "Menghualu" was a hit, it also brought a group actor with a "expressionless face and dull eyes". Zhang Songwen, who has been a group actor for a long time, said that he "enjoys it because he loves it", what kind of experience is the job of group performance?

Reporter Song said

Celebrity experience "drifting" into a gimmick

In an episode of the variety show "Infinite Beyond Class", guests went to Hengdian to experience the life of "drifting" for two days and one night, and the program group let stars perform in the crew, and this contrast attracted the attention of netizens. In the show, stars are required to interview for group performances in various crews, and only after completing the work can they get paid accordingly to pay for accommodation.

After this episode was broadcast, it quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Fan Shiqi, who experienced the life of a group actor, snatched the aura of the protagonist because his expression was too rich, and the director let him close the performance; Xu Weizhou was criticized by the director for adding drama and action to himself when he appeared; The other three female stars made guest appearances as female disciples in the crew of "The Condor Heroes", because they were used to playing a female one and a female two, and they also wore heavy makeup as a group actor, and were criticized by their mentor Hui Yinghong for making up too much of a scene, and asked for a refinish.

Before filming the clip of "The Condor Heroes", actor Zhao Yingzi, who experienced the life of a group actor, learned martial arts movements, because she repeatedly failed to meet the action standards, and after several practices, she was unsuccessful from the application for martial arts group performance, and then she explained that she acted in few martial arts films, "just played a Cheng Ying who can only snap his fingers", but the real group actor Xu Yunlong said, "Are you playing a modified version, I remember that there are a lot of fighting scenes in the novel Mile Ying." ”

From Zhao Yingzi's profile, it can be seen that she has debuted for more than ten years, has studied systematically at the Beijing Film Academy, and has also served as the heroine or second actress of many works, this time in the face of the challenge of martial arts action, she was embarrassed to explain that she was not good at acting because of her lack of experience, "It's really difficult to fight." Among them, Xu Yunlong, as a long-term group actor, although he has not received professional acting training and even has few lines, he is fully prepared for the role, memorizing the thirty-six days in "Water Margin", and doing his best to persuade the director to hire himself and play a role only for one group. Compared with real group performance and "fake group performance", it is clear who has done more homework.

For the stars of this variety show to experience the "horizontal drift" life, some netizens said that this is all taken care of by the program group, in fact, many group performances do not earn 288 yuan a day. Some netizens believe that the star took a high variety show appearance fee to experience the life of a group performance, earned 288 yuan and showed a very excited and proud appearance, which felt a little ironic.

It's a bit hard to manage the crowd

For star actors, experiencing the "drifting" life is only a short-term experience, in fact, ordinary people are also very curious about the life of group performances. Recently, the topic of "more than 300 college students entering the group as a group performance" has been on the hot search, and in the short videos released by this group performer, you can see that the work of the group performance is actually very hard.

Because these young people who have just entered the crew are actively competing to play a certain type of role, the director has no choice but to make special requirements: meet a certain height requirement to play such a role. The scene of college students swarming to take on certain roles is full of drama, which makes netizens cry and laugh. It is understood that these young people entered the crew of a war-themed drama, they acted as group performers, the salary was 80 yuan a day to manage a meal, many of them are from a local university, the major is still very right, do not need to send teachers to teach lines, but also save the crew a lot of money.

However, when these more than 300 groups performed together, actor assistant director Ah Kun felt that he was about to "go crazy". These group performers wore formal costumes, firearms, and realistic makeup, creating an atmosphere of "immersive script killing". But the explosion of the gunpowder explosion point frightened the group performers to run around, shouting while running with guns, and the director's voice shouted hoarsely in the megaphone, and these group performers still did not listen to the conductor and frantically "moved". There is also a group performance that forgets that he is acting, rolling and entangled in the mud, and playing mud fights. Ah Kun couldn't help but sigh, "Managing hundreds of group performances at the same time turned out to be such a difficult job. ”

On the short video platform, many young people who entered the crew recorded their group acting journey, this kind of real feeling of life like a drama turned over netizens, these group actors' self-taught acting skills also brought a lot of attention to the movie, some netizens said, "When the movie is released, you must go and see it." ”