The premiere of the movie "More Than Endless" was held in Beijing on March 3, director Wang Jing, leading actors Bai Ke, Zhang Songwen, friendship starring Hu Tianyu, friendship guest appearance Bai Hongbiao, Zhang Lei, Cheng Xiaoxia and other main creators joined hands to appear at the event, sharing behind-the-scenes stories with the audience and dissecting the original intention of creation.

The premiere event received continuous applause and received full praise. Through the growth process of intern journalists who persistently pursue their dreams, the film shows a story full of strength, hope and emotion close to life. "What is the thing in this world that has nothing to do with us?" This line in the film is loud and straight to the heart. In the movie, the life dilemmas and choices faced by the characters resonate strongly with the audience, and the persistence and blood of the protagonists also infect more audiences.

The premiere of "More Than Endless"

Directly hitting people's hearts, the plight and perseverance of ordinary people in the torrent of the times

The movie "More Than Endless" tells the story of in the golden age of print media, Han Dong (played by Bai Ke) with news ideals and his girlfriend Xiaozhu (played by Miao Miao) bravely went north to pursue his dreams, and by chance, Han Dong was appreciated by Huang Jiang (played by Zhang Songwen), a well-known reporter of the "Beijing Times", and entered the newspaper as an intern with the help of Huang Jiang. In a news investigation, Han Dong discovered the bigger truth behind it and tried to change the fate of 100 million people through a news report.

Everyone will encounter choices in society, many dreams are not understood, many persistence is not recognized. The film raises a deeper question - in the process of social development, it is always accompanied by limitations. Does it make sense to hold on to the ideal door because of this? The answer given by the film is that the world will eventually move towards a better tomorrow in the "non-stop" perseverance of the brave. Han Dong, who has repeatedly encountered obstacles in his job search because of his low education, Xiaozhu, who was treated unfairly at work, and Zhang Bo, who still failed to meet his wishes after trying to enter graduate school... The film fully shows the difficult struggles of ordinary people in life, and those moments that are projected with real emotions evoke the audience's precious empathy. The story mainly tells the insistence of the journalist group on the truth in the torrent of the times, but it pays tribute to every ordinary you and me - still moving forward with ideals in the face of difficulties, and the characters in the film are the epitome of thousands of ordinary people. As the movie says, "Instead of surviving, it is better to burn calmly". I believe that the audience can feel the strength and hope through the film.

"More than Endless" poster

All the staff performed exquisitely, and the true feeling shaped the word-of-mouth masterpiece

It is understood that in order to restore the real texture, director Wang Jing and the main creative team spent a lot of time and energy to interview the witnesses of that era, collected a large number of realistic materials, and finally condensed into a warm and inspirational story. In the face of heavier social topics, the film does not focus on portraying suffering, but presents contradictions in a plain and restrained way. Through documentary-like image representation, it conveys a very realistic message to the audience. At the same time, the superb performances of the actors also received praise. More young viewers said, "The reporters played by Bai Ke and Zhang Songwen completely meet all my imagination of news reporters since I was a child." The portrayal of the two actors has also been recognized by many news audiences.

After the premiere, the main creative team received thunderous applause as soon as it appeared, and the realistic style and profound intention of "More than Endless" won the recognition of many people in the industry. Director Wang Hongwei said after watching the film, "This is not only a film about the career of a journalist, but also a film made with a sense of responsibility as a journalist." This is particularly difficult at the moment, and it is especially worthy of recognition. The well-known writer "fairy tale king" Zheng Yuanjie shared his feelings: "This movie tells us that we can't just live, we must be a person who changes the world, and we must live with dignity. Zheng Yuanjie also lamented the fate between him and Baike: "When I was a child, you read my books, and when I grew up, I watched your movies." The sincere speech caused tears in the eyes of Bai Ke and the audience.

As a rare realistic film about the journalist industry in China, "More than Endless" has attracted much attention because of its uniqueness and scarcity, and the film will be released nationwide on March 3, I believe that more audiences will feel the shock and emotion brought by the film.