"I have neglected my economic ability under heavy brainwashing, and I am already stretched financially and now, and now I am forced to be even more desperate, very anxious, I beg you to help us protect consumer rights, recover hard-earned money, and be grateful!"

In December 2022, a consumer who borrowed nearly 12,3 yuan to purchase matchmaking VIP services was rejected because he was dissatisfied with the quality of the matchmaker's service and asked for a refund, so he posted a post on social platforms, with more than 100 comments below.

"It's already hard to get married and find a partner, and there are many routines." Some young people said that because they fell into the routine of marriage and black intermediaries, their marriage road became "more difficult".


"I wish I hadn't walked through the door of a dating company"

"I wish I hadn't entered the matchmaking company then!"

At the end of 2022, 30-year-old Wei Meng (pseudonym) came to a matchmaking company in Foshan, Guangdong, because the matchmaker told her, "There is a boy here who is a good match for you."

She was taken to an airtight room. There, she did not see the right male guest, but after more than 4 hours of soft grinding and hard bubbles, she borrowed nearly 3,<> yuan through borrowing, micro loans and other loans, and purchased the "Supreme One-to-One VIP Matchmaker Service".

The red lady patted her chest and assured, "We will always recommend you a suitable man and serve until you get married!" Wei Meng went home and looked closely only to find that the service period agreed in the contract was "6 months".

On social platforms, complaints against matchmaking agencies remain high. The misleading consumption of the matchmaker and the overlord clause of the contract became the focus of complaints.

After Wei Meng paid, the red lady took out the contract and asked her to sign it, "I don't know what services are included in this nearly 3,<> yuan one-on-one, and the red lady did not explain it to me." The more she thought about it, the more wrong she became, and she wanted to ask clearly, but found that the red lady was no longer as enthusiastic about her as she was before the payment, "Dear, don't ask, you can rest assured to leave it to us!" ”

The next day, Wei Meng came to the company to ask for a refund, but the other party responded that "they are all adults, and they must recognize the words they signed", and pointed out that the refund now has to deduct 30% of the liquidated damages. "It is completely unreasonable to deduct me 9000,<> yuan before the service starts!" Thinking of this, Wei Meng said that he regretted entering the door of this matchmaking company.

"The behavior of matchmaking companies requiring consumers to pay first and then look at the contract is suspected of forcing consumption, 'coercing' consumers by paying first and then providing contracts, and such contracts should be invalid." Hu Gang, deputy secretary-general of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Internet Society of China, said that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the content of standard clauses should be fair and reasonable, operators should fulfill their conspicuous reminder obligations and full explanation obligations, and clauses that are unfavorable to consumers should be bold.

Matchmakers should undergo "speech training" when they take up their posts

On March 3, the results of the results of the matchmaking consumption survey released by the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Association showed that the actual service did not match the promise was the most reported problem by consumers, and the experience staff of the consumer association also encountered the problem of difficulty in refunding. Before the experiencer signed the contract with the "marryU" platform, the service staff promised to refund the money, but during the service period, due to the replacement of the exclusive matchmaker, the service standard was lowered in the later period, and the number and quality of matching objects did not meet expectations.

Hu Gang pointed out that many matchmaking companies' verbal promises are seriously inconsistent with the contract, and through false statements and concealment of the truth, consumers have misidentified and mispurchased, which is a more typical consumer fraud.

The national standard of "Marriage Introduction Services" requires that marriage introduction service personnel should hold qualification certificates for relevant occupations (marriage brokers, marriage and family counselors, psychological counselors), and should receive training before and after taking up their posts.

Lin Xiaoxiao (pseudonym), who used to work as a sales matchmaker in a matchmaking company in Tianjin, said that as a sales matchmaker, the agency did not require her to hold a certificate, and most of the content of the on-the-job training was related to sales skills and skills, "Our performance is evaluated by how many orders we have sold and how our sales performance is." ”

According to the results of the results of the matchmaking consumption survey released by the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Association, it can be seen in some recruitment platforms that the requirements for recruiting matchmakers, marriage consultants and other occupations on platforms such as "Zhenai.com", "Youyuan.com" and "Our Lord Liangyuan" are similar to those in the sales industry, and no clear requirements for employment qualifications have been found. Some matchmakers did not show professionalism, and were even suspected of inducing consumption, and some made verbal promises such as "lifelong service" and "package success" before the marriage seeker paid the intermediary fee or initiation fee.

To this end, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Association reminds consumers not to trust the verbal promises of matchmaking agencies, and to check the content of the agreement in detail before signing. The details of the matchmaking process, as well as the handling plan for the failure of matchmaking, should be negotiated in advance and written into the contract and agreement to prevent problems before they occur.

Dig less pits, help more, and build a public welfare platform for youth marriage

"Why is it so difficult to find someone?" In the rights defense post, many young people sighed.

"Matchmaking is a one-to-one personalized service, and it is difficult to do emotional work to serve people", Xiong Yong, who has operated a matchmaking agency in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province for 17 years, pointed out that at present, many young customers have higher and higher requirements for finding objects, "Some people can rely on their own skills to get acquainted with objects, but some people can't get acquainted, or after getting acquainted, there is no way to develop relationships, and then someone needs help." ”

Xiong Yong believes that the process of matchmaking services should be a systematic work, from the collection of data from single men and women, through assessment, screening and matching to accurately locate customer needs to enhance customer communication skills, and even give guidance in the process of communication between the two parties, all need very professional practitioners to provide services, but "many black matchmaking can not do this, and even deliberately engage in deception and fraud." ”

At this year's National People's Congress and National People's Congress, a number of deputies and members offered suggestions and suggestions on the issue of young people's marriage and romance. Ding Zuohong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the board of Yuexing Group, suggested building a number of public welfare service platforms for dating and marriage that are convenient for unmarried young people to participate in and have a high degree of integrity. Wu Haiying, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman and secretary of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation, suggested that relevant departments build public welfare marriage matching platforms based on their functions, cultivate social organizations, and provide free marriage matching services for unmarried men and women.

Zhang Jing, a lawyer at Beijing Lianggao Law Firm, noted that modern people have stronger autonomy over marriage and romance issues, especially the accelerated pace of urban life, the separation between people from the social circle of acquaintances, and the mutual interaction relationship tends to be more rational, resulting in young people objectively not easy to meet suitable marriage partners.

Zhang Jing especially mentioned, "Now young people have a systematic learning channel in many aspects, but they lack the learning of love and marriage. "There is no special course in the university to tell young people what the nature of marriage is, what is intimate relationship, and how to learn in marriage," and it would be much better if these systematic learning and guidance could be added to the process of university education. ”

According to a survey launched by the youth school media for 1028,88 college students across the country, 23.<>% of college students support universities to open love courses. Among the college students who participated in the survey, more than half of them believed that it was especially important to help young people establish a correct view of love. In addition, it is necessary to help young people solve practical problems in love, such as helping them improve their communication skills and cognitive ability of emotions.

Li Chen, a teacher in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Shanghai University, offers an emotional cognition course for college students every semester, "Today's rapid development is developing, students live in high-rise buildings, they cannot contact the real fireworks, they do not have a strong perception of emotions, and they know little about love and marriage." He hopes that by offering this course, students will know what good intimacy is, and how they need to learn how to communicate with people, how to get along with the opposite sex, and what to pay attention to in love.

"Face-to-face communication, soul-to-soul communication, and deep spiritual interdependence are especially precious." Zhang Jing pointed out that a good marriage should be able to provide people with a soul to rely on, and the search for a partner should be heartfelt and affectionate. "After all, no one is an island."

China Youth Daily / China Youth Network trainee reporter Liu Yinheng Reporter Han Wei Source: China Youth Daily