Ningde, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- In the past few days, parents in the second class of the primary school of Boyapeiwen School in Ningde City, Fujian Province, have discussed the beating of their children by teachers.

"At that time, the police at the police station showed us the monitoring on their mobile phones, and the child's mother cried on the spot after seeing it." A parent Xiaochun (pseudonym) told a reporter from China News Network on the 21st that he hoped that his children could be better taken care of at school in the future.

Scars on the student's back after being beaten. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Parents: Students are beaten in batches

"On Friday (17th) morning class was playing, nearly 30 minutes were playing, and only two or three students in the class (more than 40 students) were not beaten." A parent who monitored the whole process of the incident Bright (pseudonym) said that the first batch of children who were called to the stage to be beaten had poor grades, the second group was called to the stage and beaten because of the speech during the meal, which caused the class to be deducted points, and the rest of the students, the teacher knocked over one by one, the number of times varied.

Bright said that the monitoring saw that the deputy head teacher was present at the whole time without stopping it, and a teacher patrolling outside the classroom just took a picture and left, "The child did not dare to say after being beaten, there were bruises on both arms, chest and back." ”

According to Xiaochun, after the class teacher gathered all the students in the classroom, closed the doors and windows, and then let the first batch of 10 children go on stage and take off their coats, holding a ring ruler for 8 minutes, and could not cry, could not hide, the more they cried, the more they hit.

"The teacher hit back and said, 'Hitting people is also a manual work.'" Xiaochun said that many parents said that because the children in the class lined up untidyly, the canteen eating and talking and other behaviors violated school rules and discipline were deducted points, and these are linked to the teacher (performance), resulting in the teacher's emotional outburst, "Now there are more and more people, the canteen eats, a class is estimated to eat for 10 minutes, can not speak." ”

After Xiaochun's child was beaten, bruises appeared on both arms, which hurt when touched; There are also marks of being beaten on both sides of the thighs and on the stomach. Xiaochun said that more serious children also vomited on the spot, and the teacher also warned the children not to tell their parents, otherwise the beating would be more serious, "The deputy head teacher was also present, and the teachers patrolled and saw it, but they did not stop it, which made me very incomprehensible." ”

Parents' suggestion: Improve the school management system

"We are angry and uncomfortable to see our children being beaten so badly." Parent Huang Bin (pseudonym) said that as a teacher, teacher morality and teaching style are a compulsory course for teachers; For whatever reason, teachers should not use a child's physical pain to vent and divert his emotions.

Huang Bin's child has bruises on his arms. Huang Bin said that the child was beaten, and at the same time witnessed the classmates being beaten so badly, causing psychological shadows, and he was unwilling to go to school, "Now, the new teacher is here, we have done the child's ideological work, and we did not go to school until yesterday (20th) evening." ”

Regarding the school's management system, Huang Bin said, "The system is dead, the management is 'alive', and it needs to be improved (constantly); The child is still in the period of growth, and his nature is to be playful, unlike us adults who have self-control. ”

For example, he said, the cafeteria only lasts ten minutes, which is too short for children and not good for children's health.

Procuratorial organs: safeguard the lawful rights and interests of minors

Within a few days of the incident, many parents went to the Qidu Police Station one after another to report the case, and completed the procedures of medical examination and photography.

Xiaochun told reporters that those who reported the case by the Qidu police had to go through the procedures and would call back one by one; The school has now expelled the homeroom teacher and promised to provide new teachers to teach and psychological teachers to provide psychological counseling for children.

"Our parents are very worried about whether there have been children who have been beaten in the past and have not been discovered, and whether they will be beaten again in the future." Xiaochun said that the appeal of parents now is to severely punish the homeroom teacher.

Wang Jian, director of the Sixth Procuratorate Department of the Ningde Municipal People's Procuratorate, said that if a student's injuries reach more than minor injuries, it will constitute the crime of intentional injury; If the injury does not reach minor injury, parents may file for civil damages, "in the event that the public security organ invites the incident, or the parents report the incident to the procuratorate, or the procuratorate actively learns of the incident, the procuratorial organ of the jurisdiction may intervene in the case in advance, guide the public security to investigate and collect evidence, and protect the lawful rights and interests of minors in accordance with the law." ”

School: The teacher involved has been dismissed

Yang Qifu, the school's principal, confirmed to reporters that the teacher had beaten the class, and said that the teacher involved had been dismissed. Regarding the cause of the incident, Yang Qifu said, "We are cooperating with relevant departments to investigate and deal with it." ”

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In September 2021, after a reporter from published a report that "Fujian Ningde School was accused of illegally using the title of Peking University and Peking University twice sent a letter saying "unauthorized", the school gradually promoted the name change and changed its name to Ningde Liberal Arts and Humane School in 9. (End)