In the run-up to the G5 Hiroshima Summit in May, sexual minorities have established a new group and will make policy proposals in cooperation with organizations in each country.

A new citizens' group called "Pride7" will be established, which consists of LGBT and other sexual minority groups and human rights groups.

The aim is to make policy proposals on the protection of the human rights of the parties concerned in the run-up to the G5 Hiroshima Summit in May, and as of May 7, support groups from 22 countries, including Japan and other G7 member countries, are scheduled to participate.

On the 11th of this month, we plan to hold a citizens' summit in Tokyo with the participation of support groups from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries in Japan and overseas, as well as embassy officials.

In addition to summarizing the contents of the discussions into proposals and submitting them to the leaders of each country and the government, he hopes to accelerate domestic discussions due to the delay in the development of laws prohibiting discrimination.

Yuichi Kamiya of the LGBT Law Federation, who spoke at the press conference, said, "I think one of the significance of the establishment of Pride7 is to visualize the people concerned discussing issues, and I would like the G1 to thoroughly discuss the role it plays in issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity."