According to the official Weibo news released by the Propaganda Department of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee, on March 3, at the press conference on the comprehensive rectification of the tourism market held in Sanya, Huang Zehe, deputy director of the Tianya Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, reported on the investigation results of the recent self-media release of the video incident of "Sanya car rental was pitted".

It is reported that at 3 o'clock on March 15, a message about "Sanya car rental will inevitably be pitted?" In the video, Liang and others were induced by car rental industry practitioners to purchase "car damage insurance" in the process of renting a car, and were asked for "scratch" repair fees when returning the car, which attracted attention.

After investigation, on the afternoon of March 3, Liang rented a Rolls-Royce brand Gust car at a price of 1,1230 yuan per day at Hainan Shell Car Rental Co., Ltd. through an online car rental platform; At about 17 o'clock, three people, including Yuan Mouhang, Zhang Mouyang and Shao Mouhang, staff members of Hainan Shell Car Rental Co., Ltd., delivered the vehicle to Liang, and when the car was delivered, Yuan Mouhang constantly induced and blackmailed Liang to buy "car damage insurance" with words such as "if you do not buy insurance, you will be injured". After negotiation, Liang purchased "car damage insurance" from Yuan at a price of 3,1500 yuan per day. At about 3 o'clock on March 3, Liang again rented a Ferrari brand California-type sports car at a price of 14 yuan per day at Hainan Weibao Car Rental Co., Ltd. through an online platform; At the delivery site, Shen, a legal person of Hainan Weibao Car Rental Co., Ltd., repeatedly induced Liang to purchase "car damage insurance", but Liang did not agree; At 540 o'clock on March 3, when Liang returned the vehicle, Shen claimed that there were scratches on the appearance of the rental vehicle and demanded 4,14 yuan in compensation; After Liang showed a video of the rental car not being driven, Shen gave up his claim for compensation.

At about 3 a.m. on March 16, after verification, the Tianya Branch Bureau filed a case in accordance with the law to carry out investigation work. It is now found that in order to obtain illegal economic benefits, employees such as Hainan Shell Car Rental Co., Ltd. and Yuan Mouhang of Hainan Weibao Car Rental Co., Ltd. published low-cost rental vehicle information on car rental platforms to attract tourists; After receiving the car rental business, Yuan Mouhang and other practitioners leased the vehicles requested by tourists from other car rental companies to deliver to tourists, and induced tourists to purchase so-called "car damage insurance". If the tourist fails to purchase "car damage insurance" as required, he or she will take advantage of the tourist's lack of attention during the delivery and return of the vehicle to artificially create vehicle scratches by using sandpaper, stones, ballpoint pens and other tools, or use the original old scratches of the rental vehicle to pretend to be new scratches, and carry out extortion against the tourists; If the tourists did not agree to the compensation request, Yuan Mouhang and others uploaded forged maintenance bills and deducted the tenant's deposit through the platform to commit fraud.

At present, six criminal suspects, including Wang Mou, employees Yuan Mouhang and Zhang Mouyang, legal persons of Hainan Shell Car Rental Co., Ltd., Shen Mou, employees Shen and Li Mouxin, legal persons of Hainan Weibao Car Rental Co., Ltd., have been criminally detained by the Tianya Branch of the Sanya Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law. The case is being further investigated.

In the next step, the Sanya public security organ will cooperate with the relevant functional departments of the city to severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities in the car rental industry, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, and maintain the safety and stability of the tourism market.