According to the Chinese government website, the people of Tumen City, Jilin Province, reported that a certain elementary school committee had assessed fees, and the Tumen City Education Bureau immediately urged the small school committee to refund the illegal fees.

The people of Tumen City reported through the "Internet + Supervision" platform of the State Council that the parent committee of the first grade and second class of Zhicheng Primary School in Tumen City collected fees from parents in the WeChat group in the name of purchasing decorations and decorating classrooms.

After receiving the message from the masses, the State Office Supervision Office transferred it to the Jilin Provincial Government for verification and handling after preliminary verification.

After receiving the clues about the problem transmitted by the State Office Supervision Office, the Jilin provincial government instructed Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture to verify and deal with it. After verification, Mr. Li reported that the problem was true. On August 2022, 8, the Parent Committee of Class 25 of Grade 1 of Zhicheng Primary School in Tumen City collected a fee of 2 yuan from each student's parent through WeChat on the grounds of purchasing printers, sanitary cabinets, curtains and other materials, for a total of 300,9900 yuan. The parent association will charge a total of $7905,1995 for the purchase of the corresponding items, with the remaining $2021,2021 kept by the parents of the parent association. This behavior violates the provisions and requirements of the Ministry of Education's Notice on Strengthening the Governance of Arbitrary Fees for Education in 188 (Education Finance Department Han [<>] No. <>) on strictly regulating the behavior of parent committees and strictly prohibiting apportionment and collection of fees in the name of parent committees, causing financial burdens to students' parents and adversely affecting classes and schools.

After supervision, the Tumen Municipal Education Bureau has ordered Zhicheng Primary School to return the fees collected by the Parent Committee of Grade 1 and Class 2 to parents, and seriously dealt with the responsible persons. At the same time, Tumen City has carried out citywide rectification actions in the field of illegal fees in the field of education, increased the daily supervision and management of teachers and parent associations, and resolutely prevented the recurrence of such problems.

Image source: Screenshot of the Chinese government website