The Japanese government has officially decided to lift the evacuation order for the "difficult-to-return zone" caused by the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on the 31st of this month and part of Tomioka Town on the 1st of next month.

In Fukushima Prefecture, due to the nuclear accident 12 years ago, "difficult-to-return zones" still remain in seven municipalities, and the government officially decided to lift the evacuation orders for part of Namie Town on the 7st of this month and part of Tomioka Town on the 22st of next month at the meeting of the Nuclear Disaster Response Headquarters held on the 31nd.

As a result, evacuation orders will be lifted in the entire "Designated Reconstruction and Revitalization Base Area" where decontamination work has been carried out ahead of time in the two towns.

In addition, the government jointly held a meeting of the Reconstruction Promotion Council and reported on the Fukushima International Research and Education Organization, which will be established in Fukushima Prefecture on the 1st of next month, plans to increase the number of research groups in five fields, including robotics, radiation science, and nuclear disasters, to about 2 in the next seven years, and to conduct research at a project cost of about 1 billion yen.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno stated, "Prime Minister Kishida intends to attend the opening ceremony of the Organization on the 1st of next month and visit the areas where the evacuation order has been lifted Japan.