Solène Delinger 10:48 am, March 22, 2023

Kev Adams was the guest of the show "En Aparté", broadcast on Canal + Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Faced with Nathalie Levy, the comedian, who has Emmanuel Macron's phone number, unveiled an anecdote for the least crisp: the head of state would remain connected on WhatsApp until very late at night...

Kev Adams has a VIP address book. Proof of this, the comedian has in his telephone contacts the number of a certain Emmanuel Macron. He had boasted about it two years ago during an interview and still has this precious 06 recorded in his phone, as he unveiled Tuesday, March 21, 2023 in the show En Aparté, on Canal +.

"He's still very busy"

Asked by Nathalie Levy about the frequency of his exchanges with the President of the Republic, Kev Adams explained that he was unfortunately no longer in contact with him at all. "I stopped writing to him completely, he's still very busy," he said. The comedian nevertheless finds it very "funny" to always have the phone number of the head of state and even checks if he connects to the WhatsApp application. According to him, Emmanuel Macron is indeed a night owl: "I see that he is online, I say to myself: 'Bah then, he [does] not get ch*er Manu, at 1 o'clock in the morning'! He [doesn't] sleep this one?"

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Kev Adams got Emmanuel Macron's phone number thanks to Martin Fourcade

But how did Kev Adams get hold of Emmanuel Macron's issue? The comedian had explained that he had it in a very surprising way... "I did Yann Barthès' show and then I was with Martin Fourcade, the Olympic biathlon champion, and Martin Fourcade received a text from Emmanuel Macron, apparently, when he won precisely. So Yann Barthès asks Martin: 'Can you read us the text?' and then I'm sitting right next to it," he said in a 2019 interview.

Piqued by curiosity, Kev Adams had then stared at Martin Fourcade's mobile screen: "And it may seem extremely stupid but when he took out his phone, it was a Whatsapp, the number was not registered so the number was displayed. And so when Martin was reading the text, he was saying 'bravo Martin, you make the French proud...' And after a while I picked up, I was in my head saying '06-50'..."

After remembering Emmanuel Macron's number, Kev Adams had recorded it and sent messages to the head of state, who had not failed to answer him. "I sent him one or two messages to which he responded very kindly," had also revealed the comedian proud of his little trick ...