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D".ice the Spanish proverb that "the best medicine is good cuisine". And with that premise, good cuisine, comes to EL MUNDO Cooking, the new portal where lovers of cooking, good food and gastronomic art will find a place of reference from this Wednesday at mid-morning. Who doesn't like to eat well? Spain is a traditionally gastronomic country where cuisine occupies a place that goes beyond five meals a day.

Around a table, around a healthy and good meal we met again. And that's the place Cooking wants to take care of. It is not only a gastronomic portal it is a portal where recipes will be published every day, where good nutrition will be taken care of, where the concerns and culinary needs of readers will be counted on and where you can find weekly menus of everything and for everyone.

"Our goal is that the recipes are available to everyone, we will accommodate all those who enjoy home cooking," says Amaya García, director of Cooking.

Every day, Sesé San Martín, founder and director of the TELVA Cooking School, and the chef Bea Garaizábal will present a video recipe, accompanied by detailed information on the ingredients and the elaboration process step by step, but also on the nutritional value of the food.

What will readers find in Cooking? Well, in addition to these recipes available to everyone, social networks have created a community of exchange of culinary knowledge that perfectly completes the objective of Cooking.

His Instagram and TikTok profiles, already active and full of express recipes, tricks and tips to make life easier in the kitchen, have hooked more than 14,000 followers.

With a single click and with short but concise videos, readers can find everything from how to prepare sweet cakes with intense apple flavor... And without a pinch of sugar, going through a classic of Spanish cuisine that you can combine with multiple dishes such as salsa brava, to an infusion for the constipated made of ginger, cinnamon, eucalyptus, chamomile and lemon. Because in Cooking it is not only cooking, in Cooking it is taking care of yourself by cooking.

The great chefs repeat it ad nauseam "health is based on good nutrition". We are what we eat and, therefore, it is essential to eat well, to eat healthy, but also to eat rich. Hence, in Cooking, in addition to the tricks, recipes and interviews, special importance is given to the fact that you can eat a good pastrami sandwich and that it is healthy. And a fluffy, light, flour-free and unleavened cake? It comes from Japan, it is very simple and in Cooking you will find it.

But there's more. Cooking will include tricks, tips, curiosities and information about seasonal foods. In the cooking portal of EL MUNDO we will find the perfect dressing for each salad, everything that can be done with a lemon, all the secrets of cheese, the false myth of two eggs a week or three facts about one of the most consumed drinks in the world, tea.

What are the biggest concerns around cooking? Eat healthy, know what to eat and that children eat everything. Well, in Cooking there is also an answer for all this. How to make children eat vegetables? Thus, children will also have a place in a community around the pleasure of cooking at home, because the habit of healthy eating is created in the early years.

And as uphill can be done the feeding of children as preparing in weekly menu, because Cooking also prepares, teaches and shares them. Because "with an empty belly, no one shows joy."

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