Seeing the so-called high salary, you may wish to have multiple eyes; Illegal things must be avoided. Not approaching the wall, not going to a stranger, not involving a dangerous place, may be the best protection for yourself

"It's great to see the 4 students return safely!" According to reports, recently, four college students in Anhui Province were "lured by high salaries" to sneak across the border during their internship, and were safely returned after missing for a few days. Previously, Li Wei was smuggled to Myanmar under duress and sold to a telecommunications fraud company. Also robbed was Chen Liang (pseudonym), a native of Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, who was attracted by the customer service job advertisement of "4,3000 yuan a day for 10 days", and took the initiative to smuggle to Myanmar Mujie under the temptation of "sudden wealth" to engage in telecommunications fraud.

The college student scam incident that Li Wei talked about is a recent hot spot. Lured by high-paying jobs, several students sneaked across the country from Xishuangbanna to work abroad and disappeared in Myanmar. Later, because he was too young, he did not find a job, and now he has returned safely after many efforts. To a certain extent, whether these students or Li Wei and Chen Liang, they are lucky to be able to retreat with their whole bodies. "It is said that it is a daily salary of 3000,<> yuan, and it is rich in three months, but in fact, you can't get the last penny of salary, and you may even get your life into it", combined with media reports and the experience of Li Wei and Chen Liang, once you enter the telecommunications fraud den in northern Myanmar, you will be caught in a sea of misery, light will be beaten, the worst will be cut off your fingers, lose your life.

"If you enter northern Myanmar to resist and be beaten, it is even more impossible to escape", "if you have no performance, you will be sold to other companies, or sold by 'organ harvesting'", and other accounts circulating in the industry are chilling. It can be seen that many of those who have entered the telecom fraud den in northern Myanmar with dreams of becoming rich are in a miserable situation, regretting it, but helpless.

Many of the so-called "high-paid keyboards" in northern Myanmar were deceived and desperate under the temptation of high salaries. For example, those students, who credulously believed in the temptation to go abroad to work quickly for money, saw a KTV recruitment message on the Internet, promising a monthly salary of about 10000,<> yuan.

This so-called pie is actually a trap. But can't you just blame young students, in the face of the temptation to get rich, aren't some adults also convinced?

In the final analysis, it is necessary to improve the ability of the whole society to fight fraud. Students who are interning abroad or looking for a job need to be vigilant and not believe the so-called friends or intermediaries who introduce the rhetoric that migrant workers abroad get money quickly and work easily, and the result of credulity may mean the loss of personal freedom, and even the safety of life and property.

And our universities should make up for students' anti-fraud lessons, through scene restoration, allowing victims to show their statements, and anti-fraud people attending classes, etc., to truly let students maintain due vigilance against various fraud methods, including telecom fraud. Even, relevant departments should pay attention to shaping children's anti-fraud awareness at the primary and secondary school levels.

A few years ago, a prospective college student in Shandong Province was depressed because he was deceived by a scam phone call to go to university for 9900,<> yuan, resulting in cardiac arrest and unfortunate death. Such tragedies of family destruction due to telecommunications fraud are not unique. Relevant departments should severely punish fraudsters and cut off the chain of interests in accordance with the law, and each of us should also improve our anti-fraud capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that after returning to China, Li Wei personally experienced science popularization anti-fraud, "the experience of being deceived and tips to prevent telecom fraud can reach tens of thousands of netizens every day." It should be said that publicizing anti-fraud in combination with the experience of being deceived is more credible and effective. This also shows that anti-fraud is not a matter of one department, nor a matter of a few people, and requires the participation of the whole people.

For individuals, seeing the so-called high salary, it is better to have multiple eyes; Illegal things must be avoided. Not approaching the wall, not going to a stranger, not involving a dangerous place, may be the best protection for yourself.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Qin Chuan