●The popularity of the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau proves the urgent need of the public for cultural tourism

●The director of the bureau came to the front of the stage to make a recommendation, which means a change in the governance thinking of the cultural and tourism department

● Network traffic has diverged, and some imitation has caused aesthetic fatigue

● Traffic can only be effective in the short term, and does not mean that it can retain people for a long time

Hundreds of flowers compete in spring, and the director of the cultural and tourism bureau takes the solitaire "fighting skills".

A few days ago, the directors of cultural and tourism bureaus in many places across the country filmed short videos. According to Douyin data, the discussions on various topics led by the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau have been played more than 4 million times, received more than 26.660 million likes, nearly 100 million comments, and shared more than 119.<> million times.

This unprecedented "cultural tourism competition" was jointly created by the director of the "protagonist on stage" cultural and tourism bureau and the "protagonist offstage" netizens.

"After seeing the appearance of the director of Guangdong Culture and Tourism, I found that there were so many places worth going, and what surprised me even more was that I always thought that Director Xie was playing Foshan Ip Man, but I didn't expect it to be Ip Man's master ancestor Heshan Ryazan." Mr. Lin, who is from Xi'an and has been working in Guangzhou for many years, said, "In the past few weeks, I have made a lot of changes to Guangdong cultural tourism, and Lianzhou Underground River, Heyuan Wanlv Lake, Luoding Skydiving, etc. will definitely attract young people to check in."

Against the backdrop of accelerated recovery across industries, why is the travel industry taking the lead? First of all, why is it the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau who "rolls up to the sky"? Can the resulting growth of cultural tourism be sustainable? What are the implications for the development of the industry? Judging from the phased effect, the director of the cultural and tourism bureau who took action first has already attracted passenger flow. How to sum up experience and promote cultural tourism to continue to shine will be the key to the next round of "fighting skills" for cultural and tourism directors.

● Nanfang Daily reporter Cai Huafeng, Zhou Renguo, Ye Qihan

Travel in winter

The director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau could not sit still

Three years into the pandemic, tourism has suffered severely. According to statistics, in the first half of 2020, the total revenue of the eight listed hotel enterprises was 8.94 billion yuan, a decrease of 64.2019 billion yuan from 186.37 billion yuan in the same period of 91, and the total net profit was -73 million yuan, a decrease of 9.60 billion yuan from 2019.11 billion yuan in the same period of 51. In the first three quarters of 21, the net profit of 11 listed travel companies, including Zhongxin Travel and Guilin Tourism, showed a year-on-year downward trend. Yesanpo in Hebei, Yangzigou in Luoyang, Henan, and Longmenjin Scenic Area in Chongqing announced restructuring, bankruptcy, bankruptcy and auction, a large number of small travel agencies were cancelled, and large travel agencies suspended the core profit sector of outbound travel business.

"The most direct impact of the pandemic on social life is mobility." Professor Bao Jigang, deputy director of the Department of Economics and Management of Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that there is no tourism without mobility, and the impact on tourism has been relatively obvious in the past three years, basically the largest. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in 2020, there were 6 million domestic trips and domestic tourism revenue of 37.4665 billion yuan during the Golden Week of November 6, compared with 2019 million and 7 billion yuan respectively in 82. How to enhance the popularity of tourism and stimulate tourism consumption has become a major and important matter for local cultural and tourism departments.

The new crown epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of traditional cultural tourism promotion, and offline promotion is basically in a state of stagnation, how to make up for it online? The opportunity came in 2020.

In November of that year, the Tibetan boy Ding Zhen unexpectedly became popular and became the "top stream", and then quickly became a tourism ambassador of Litang County, filming videos such as "Ding Zhen's World" to promote hometown tourism, and the search volume of many online travel platforms related to Litang surged, and a large number of tourists came to Litang. In 11, Kardze Prefecture, where Litang is located, was a "big winner" in tourism, receiving 2020 million tourists and achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 3100.341 billion yuan, basically the same as in 2019. The "Ding Zhen phenomenon" allows people to see the driving effect of Internet celebrities on tourism.

Since April 2021, Liu Hong, director of the Ganzi Prefecture Cultural and Tourism Bureau, known as the "most handsome director" by netizens for helping Ding Zhen "block fans" unexpectedly became popular, has continued to publish videos recommending check-in spots in Kardze Prefecture on the short video platform as the director. In January 4, Liu Hong's cross-dressing video of space-time conversion quickly became popular, with more than 2022.1 million likes. From July 180 to 2022, 7, Kardze Prefecture received a total of 1.20 million tourists and a comprehensive tourism income of 412.44 billion yuan, an increase of 2019.28% and 76.27% respectively over the same period in 33 before the outbreak of the epidemic, reaching the best level in the history of tourist reception in the same period.

Netizens pushed

Topic fermentation goes far beyond traditional marketing

With the successful precedent of Kardze Prefecture, Sichuan Province took the lead among all provinces in the country. In April 2022, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism planned and launched a series of short videos entitled "Cultural Tourism Director Speaks of Cultural Tourism", according to incomplete statistics, a total of 4 city (prefecture), district and county cultural and tourism bureau directors released 121 themed videos, with more than 170 million views (views) on the whole network. In October 4, Xie Wei, director of the Suizhou Cultural and Tourism Bureau in Hubei Province, who joined the short video platform for about half a year to promote, was ridiculed by netizens as a "ugly out of the circle", but he also quickly became popular and became another "Internet celebrity director" after Liu Hong.

"Compared with the one-way output of traditional tourism marketing, online interactive marketing has the characteristics of convenience, low threshold and popularization, and theoretically all people can participate. The fairy tale of the world represented by Ding Zhen, the most handsome director represented by Liu Hong, and the "ugly out of the circle" represented by Xie Wei are actually the results of the full interaction of online users. Liu Simin, vice president of the Tourism Branch of the China Future Research Association and doctor of sociology, believes that the interactive participation of netizens makes the marketing effect uncertain and uncontrollable, and the vibration effect brought by the topic in the fermentation process is far beyond that of traditional tourism marketing.

At the end of last year, after the introduction of the "New Ten Measures" of epidemic prevention optimization measures, the tourism market quickly gave positive feedback. The instantaneous search volume of air tickets on Ctrip's platform soared by 160%, the instantaneous search volume of air tickets on Qunar platform increased by 7 times, the instantaneous search volume of air tickets on Tongcheng Travel platform increased by 438% compared with the same period the previous day, and the instantaneous search volume of train tickets increased by 276%. According to an online survey conducted by South+ clients, more than 81% of the surveyed users want to travel, and the willingness to travel is generally strong.

In the process of market recovery, tourism promotion has also ushered in a window period. When consumers' desire to travel is strongest, it is also when tourism promotion is most effective. Shen Jiayi, senior researcher at the Strategic Research Center of Ctrip Research Institute, believes that the domestic tourism market is currently recovering at an accelerated pace, and how to attract tourists and convey the characteristics of tourist destinations to tourists in the first time is more important. "As the most familiar with the cultural tourism resources of the destination and the 'big patriarch' of the development of the local cultural tourism industry, it is reasonable for the directors of cultural and tourism bureaus to promote the characteristics of local cultural tourism through 'traffic passwords' such as cross-dressing and short videos, and it can also enhance the credibility of tourism promotion."

Since February this year, the directors of cultural and tourism bureaus in Dafang in Guizhou, Baicheng and Tacheng in Xinjiang, Zigui in Hubei, Xiangtan in Hunan, Mangshi in Yunnan, Qingshen in Sichuan, Yichun in Heilongjiang, Luoyang in Henan, Suqian in Jiangsu and other places have joined one after another. Douyin data shows that up to now, more and more cultural and tourism directors have been certified on the platform, with Liu Hong, Dubo, Xie Wei and other top nine directors with a total of 2.9 million fans, creating a total of 370 videos, playing 954.23 billion times, and receiving 67.4746 million likes, 244.243 million comments, and <>.<> million retweets.

The short video of the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau is popular, and the popularity of tourism in related destinations is also rising.

This year's Spring Festival, scenic spots such as Yandi Shennong's Hometown, Dahong Mountain, and Journey to the West Park in Suizhou City have achieved the highest tourist records in history. Tongcheng data shows that hotel bookings in Suizhou during the Spring Festival increased by 68.4% year-on-year, and the number of people traveling by train to Suizhou increased by 2022.77% compared with the Spring Festival in 78. According to Ctrip's latest data, the number of hotel bookings in Suizhou has increased by 75% year-on-year this year.

According to data from the Ganzi Prefecture Bureau of Culture and Tourism, during the Spring Festival holiday this year, the prefecture received a total of 45,66 tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 50224.106 million yuan, an increase of 33.107% and 42.94% respectively over the same period last year. According to Tongcheng data, hotel reservations in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture increased by 97.1% year-on-year during the Spring Festival this year. According to Ctrip's data, from January 21 to February 2 this year, hotel bookings in Ganzi Daocheng increased by 20% month-on-month and 83% year-on-year, and scenic spot ticket sales increased nearly 235 times year-on-year.

Fight real kung fu

Cultural and tourism resources "out of the circle" with the director

The directors of cultural and tourism bureaus across the country "won the championship by racing the dragon", and Guangdong, which is usually low-key and pragmatic, also stepped into the ring, showing "fighting skills" and highlighting the encirclement. Zeng Yongzhen, director of Heyuan City Bureau of Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports, Xie Wenqing, director of Jiangmen Heshan City Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Deng Jinmei, deputy director of Qingyuan Lianzhou City Bureau of Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports, and Huang Xiaojian, director of Yunfu City Bureau of Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports, have successively "come out of the circle", in addition to Jiangmen Pengjiang, Shaoguan Shixing, Renhua, Huizhou Boluo, Meizhou and other places of cultural and tourism bureaus also joined the ranks of "fighting". Among them, Xie Wenqing opened a short video platform account as early as 2021 to promote Heshan cultural tourism resources.

Plastic travel with culture, and culture with travel. The "fighting skills" in the hands of cultural and tourism bureau directors in Guangdong - the profound history and culture and the rich and colorful natural resources - have also been "out of the circle".

Putting on a practice shirt and incarnating as a martial arts grandmaster, Tse Wenqing "sparred" with the wooden pile with the Wing Chun method, and boarded a ship to find the director of the Suizhou Bureau "competition". Behind the short video is Ryazan, the most important cultural IP in Heshan, and the largest Sanji Fish Pond Gulao Water Town in Lingnan.

Zeng Yongzhen, who sang mountain songs, danced hotly and played tai chi, let netizens feel the strong Hakka style of Heyuan and appreciate the magnificence of Wanlv Lake.

Deng Jinmei, who interpreted the thousand-year journey through the journey, let netizens understand the profound history and culture of Lianzhou and marvel at the magic of the underground river in Lianzhou.

Li Junpei, deputy director of Meizhou Cultural and Tourism Bureau, integrated intangible cultural heritage as a Han opera student, showing the public the vast tea fields and Hakka houses.

Huang Xiaojian played the five corners alone, especially the footage of skydiving at an altitude of 4000,<> meters, allowing more people to know about Luoding's skydiving base.


From the promotion videos of cultural and tourism bureau directors in various parts of Guangdong, it can be found that the new advantages of Guangdong cultural tourism are being highlighted.

On the product, the pleasure of Huang Xiaojian's high-altitude jump overflowed the screen, and less than 10 seconds of the screen output a very attractive message - skydiving. Founded in 2015, Eagle Skydiving now has bases in Yunfu Luoding and Boluo, Huizhou, Guangdong, and professional instructors lead the flight, providing tandem skydiving experience + shooting services, which is more attractive for tourists who like excitement. In recent years, new formats such as low-altitude flight, sea cruises, skydiving, and RVs have emerged in Guangdong, and new tourism products have emerged, and soon captured a group of tourists who love to "taste early". Guangdong is becoming a new check-in destination.

In terms of experience, Tse Wen Ching highlighted Wing Chun, one of Guangdong's most recognizable cultural symbols. Boxing is a healthy way of life in Guangdong, with gyms such as Nanquan, Wing Chun and Tai Chi not only operating in gyms, but also popular neighborhoods and scenic spots. The 2023 Heshan Global Tourism Carnival has officially opened a few days ago, and various wonderful experience activities will last for 4 months.

In terms of culture, Zhu Wanji, deputy director of the Pengjiang District Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Jiangmen, showed the provincial intangible cultural heritage project Dongyi Palace Lantern in "Crossing", which is graceful and noble, full of court style, and performed a beautiful Cantonese opera in the "Cantonese Book Bar"; Deng Jinmei walked with an umbrella at the South Heavenly Gate of the Qin-Han Ancient Road, taking netizens to feel the thousand-year-old city under the ancient road, as well as the long-standing Yao culture in the Yao Village. The rich and colorful Lingnan culture is a precious treasure of Guangdong tourism.

According to Ctrip's data, from March 3 to 1, in the city where the director of Guangdong Cultural Tourism participated in the "fighting skills", the number of hotel bookings in Heyuan increased by 15% month-on-month, Huizhou increased by 32%, Jiangmen increased by 11%, Qingyuan increased by 23%, Shaoguan increased by 30%, and Yunfu increased by 40%. On the Tongcheng travel platform, from March 48 to 3, the bookings of scenic spots in Shaoguan, Heyuan, Qingyuan and Huizhou increased by 1.15%, 127.59%, 80.14% and 27.57% respectively month-on-month, and the growth rate reached 23.83%, 237.38%, 38.04% and 59.7% respectively compared with the same period last year. Meituan data shows that since 278, the search volume of Luoding, a "skydiving resort", has increased by 68.2023% year-on-year, and the number of relevant notes shared by users has also increased by 75%.

Master new expressions

Enlightenment for other government departments

The "out-of-circle" of the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau has sent a positive signal to the tourism industry.

"The publicity and promotion of the directors of culture and tourism is also a big plus for us." The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Tour said that since the beginning of this year, more than 400 tourists have gone to Ganzi, more than 300 tourists have gone to Xinjiang, and there are many inquiries about related products. Wang Tengfei, Tuniu's public relations department, said that the directors of cultural and tourism bureaus promoted their hometowns through this new content positioning, new communication methods and interactive methods, which brought multi-level influence and unexpected communication effects.

Shen Jiani believes that looking at the works of the cultural and tourism directors, or deeply experiencing the cultural characteristics, or vividly displaying the local beauty, can show tourists a first-person tourism experience and capture tourists emotionally; Second, it can be different from traditional propaganda films, and more "flesh and blood" interpretation of the beauty of hometown. Tourism promotion needs to be driven by a "locomotive", and the harder the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau works, the more motivated tourism practitioners are.

"Cultural tourism is a comprehensive industry and an industry that is closely related to ordinary people. The popularity of the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau proves the urgent demand of the public for cultural tourism. Fan Zhou, president of Beijing Jinghe Cultural Tourism Development Research Institute and professor at Communication University of China, pointed out that in the era when new media and content are king, the director of the cultural and tourism bureau has become popular with the help of mass media, which can bring enlightenment to other government management departments, and should pay attention to new media and master the expression methods of new media, "which shows that the governance thinking of our cultural and tourism department has changed, and we are more willing to communicate with the public on an equal footing."

The cultural and tourism directors who came to the front of the stage to take the initiative to promote it is not only an action, but also a change in the marketing thinking of cultural tourism.

Huang Xiaojian, who showed that he was "out of the circle" of skydiving, frankly said that he is not a big Internet celebrity, and it is an attitude to stand out, and the director of the cultural and tourism bureau "out of the circle" is a trend, and if he does not catch the trend, he will be forgotten. Xie Wenqing also said that he will further increase the publicity and promotion of cultural tourism resources, but his personal energy is limited, and the next step will be to build a pioneer team of Internet celebrities around global tourism, combined with the characteristics and reality of each street and town, and strive to cultivate a "net celebrity" who promotes cultural tourism in each town.

As more and more cultural and tourism directors come to the forefront of the stage in China, a large amount of information has gradually blurred the focus, do the directors of cultural and tourism continue to continue?

In this regard, Fan Zhou pointed out that from scratch to something, from something to excellent, this is the objective law of the development of things. "The movement of cultural and tourism bureau directors in various places is a change in concept, which is worthy of recognition, but at the same time, it is inevitable that there will be a negative impact caused by 'following the trend'. This requires continuous lessons. The first is to further understand the communication methods of mass media, the second is to find their own suitable path, and the third is that the competent departments of culture and tourism should form cases in areas that have done well as soon as possible, and summarize the model to replicate and promote. At the recent provincial culture and tourism work conference, Li Bin, secretary of the party group and director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province, bluntly said that the directors of cultural and tourism bureaus in Sichuan, Hubei, Xinjiang and other places have appeared on the camera to speak for local cultural tourism, becoming a vivid example that can be felt by affability and feeling, and these good experiences and practices are worth learning from.

Good experience and methods are actually the ability to tell good stories of cultural tourism.

Among the cultural and tourism directors involved, there has been a significant divergence in traffic. Videos that follow the trend and fail to highlight the characteristics of local cultural tourism resources cause aesthetic fatigue; High-traffic videos are generally characterized by humor, unique content, or prominent style. Xiong Xiaojie, chairman and chief consultant of Times Cultural Tourism, pointed out that the director of the cultural tourism bureau needs to create his own exclusive content according to the brand positioning, market positioning and product positioning of cultural tourism in various places. "The director's 'out of the circle' is not the goal, the city's image 'out of the circle' is the goal. The appearance of the director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau is an encouraging progress, but we also need to mobilize the whole society to participate in the brand promotion of cultural tourism, encourage local people to explore the advantages and characteristics of their hometowns, and achieve the effect of 'all-staff marketing'." Xiong Xiaojie said.

Fan Zhou believes that the appearance of the director of cultural tourism will not be a short-term phenomenon, because the demand for cultural tourism has existed for a long time, "short video is only one of the ways of tourism marketing, whether it can become mainstream, but also depends on the changes and development of the market and the public's reputation." However, influenced by this wave of innovative tourism marketing thinking, we believe that the marketing method will only be more flexible in the future. He further pointed out that traffic is only one part of the development of the cultural tourism industry, and even if it is effective in the short term, it does not mean that the local area can retain people in the long run. This means that in order to return to the essence of tourism attractiveness, if you want to stay in your heart, you must create better products and create a better atmosphere, and you must make great efforts in hardware and software services.

Coordinator: Cai Huafeng, Wu Qing