"Lie, lie, lie until people believe you," said Goebbels, the Nazi minister, and we see its fruits in the belief of quite a few Arabs for what some say is a "lie" that civilizes the West and distinguishes them humanly from us, inadvertently instilling in their minds a sense of inferiority and being subdued unconsciously to anything the West says.

Two young men from the Netherlands did a smart experiment, they brought copies of the Bible and put covers on them to look like copies of the Holy Qur'an, and they were reading several passages of them on many people of both sexes and of different ages, and the responses were harsh and sharp and accuse Muslims and the Qur'an of all bad, but the surprise was when the two young men "removed" the covers, and proved to the participants in the experiment that what they heard was from their holy "book", and the surprise was "like a thunderbolt" on their faces showing their clear bias and crude racism.

Rejection of disagreement

This sample was a model for the majority of the West and their false civilization, as urbanization is a mental and heart state that also pushes a person to real progress in his feelings, thoughts and behavior, and is not limited to formal urbanization of appearance, housing and following the etiquette of food, while the heart and mind live in primitive caves and fear of strangers and hasten to kill them and pounce on them and reject dialogue between them on the basis of human equality in rights and mutual respect for the inevitable differences between humans.

Civility means sophistication and respect for the beliefs of others and their freedom to embrace what they love and do what they want and not to harm them, because they just do not look like us, and whoever searches for those who look like him and attacks those who disagree with him - even if he does not do what harms him - suffers an internal sense of inferiority, and always searches for what makes him feel better than others and that the other is not better than him.

A normal man never thinks like that, accepts difference as a universal year and is not preoccupied with proving his superiority and never needs to do so, and vice versa. A civilized person does not truly infringe on the moral "rights" of others by insulting him and his past or present, nor his material rights by stealing them.

Security theft

It begins by stealing its present by plunging it into wars with those who "look like it", applying the hateful theory of "divide and rule", and passing through exhausting it in battles with those who ostensibly belong to it, while they eat the flesh of their homelands, according to the neo-colonial theory, we will not send soldiers to the occupation and we will choose from among them those who do so, and stealing the security of homes by spreading fabricated reasons to sow battles between spouses, and between sons, daughters and parents.

Who wakes up and sleeps to problems, how can he implement his plans for development and progress? Perhaps this is one of the most insidious colonialism over the centuries, and it makes us bemoan the days when fencing was face-to-face; internal agents cannot work for the enemies openly, even stealing money and outstanding human capabilities to take to the West to harness in their service or assassinate those who refuse to do so, and the long list testifies to this.

It is a lie and ugliness of racism that the French Revolution liberated the French and colonized others, so what civilize this?! America and others, their hateful colonial history and their worst present, eager to tear the Arabs apart and drain them, have done the same.

We whisper with all the friendliness and respect to any fascinated by the West, "dearest yourself", if pride does not come from within, you will never get it, and it is true pride to work so that your day is better than your hold, and your tomorrow is better than your day, right? Raise your head and cherish your past and get rid of its impurities, there is no past without blemishes, and do with your most beautiful present.

Cherish yourself and strive to be better, not to catch up with the West, but to make glory worthy of you and your nation and to encourage others to do the same. Be aware, they look at you, if they glimpse an iota of inferiority, they will rush to devour you immediately, as Assad did with the lions' trainer, who subjected him for a long time and gave so many performances in the Egyptian circus, and when he was afraid of him one night, he ate it.

Never forget that the feeling of inferiority and low self-esteem is "destructive" to a person and drains him psychologically and mentally, when he looks at someone and sees him above, he looks at him as if you are next to his foot! As for raising children to be fascinated by the West and imitate Westerners, it is a betrayal of them, the destruction of their vision and awareness, the killing of the opportunities they deserve to launch into life and fly high, and the clipping of their wings and turning them into reptiles who follow with sorrow what they see of the superiority of the West.

Why not learn from the experiences and pride of others other than the West, such as India, China and others? What we see in ourselves is seen by others, and if we demonstrate and swear to others, we do not deny the weakness of the Arab reality "and refuse to be crushed in front of it, let us be a source of strength for ourselves and those who wish, and incite them gently, and do not exaggerate or besiege, and we reap the opposite results.

Knowing the bad current situation should not lead us to feel inferior, but to the importance of accelerating the advancement of oneself and others seriously and persistently, and without looking at others except for learning only, to stop believing the lie "everyone in the West reads, does not lie, does not choose gossip, and promotion with efficiency only"; what about sexual bribes and the sale of weapons to small countries to fuel wars!

American studies prove low reading among young people and the prevalence of harassment and rape, but they are good at presenting themselves in films, and most Arab cinema is skilled in presenting distorted elements to seriously reject bad manners and unjustified condescension towards Arabs even when honoring some foreigners, such as what the American actor Mel Gibson said, when honoring him, "I did not find time on the plane to learn Arabic."

We do not deny scientific and information progress, what must happen is to benefit from it and not kneel in front of it, and to differentiate between it and civilization, for any civilization is that which was based on robbing the wealth of peoples, enslaving Africans and forcibly bringing them from their countries and stealing the lands of the American Indians! The glittering present should not blind our eyes to the shameful past, as within it the West's racism and unjustified superiority over us are repeated. What is the prevalence of double standards, allowing attacks on our Prophet and our beliefs, burning the Qur'an under the pretext of freedom, prohibiting and criminalizing speech about the alleged Holocaust of the Jews, and Macron's screams when the Russians attacked him with a cartoon?! Civility lies in respecting the beliefs of others and never undermining them, no matter how much we disagree with them.

They attack us to put us on the defensive, and let us remember that the sports team that defends is easy to defeat, and we are not in the position of accusation, and whoever accepts this makes his defeat with his own hands, and assassinates his opportunities that befit him to breathe the pride that is the oxygen of mental health.

It is a sin to focus on the strengths of the West and sing about them day and night, to voluntarily turn a blind eye to their shortcomings and weaknesses, and even worse to defend and justify them. It is self-betrayal to focus on our shortcomings and exaggerate them as if we throw ourselves to the bottom with our hands, and to trivialize and trivialize our advantages, and there is no advancement of the universe without pride except for ourselves, as we think we are.

Let's consider the words of Ibn Khaldun "the defeated fond of simulating the majority, the defeat suggests to him that similar to the majority of the force paid by the humiliation of his weakness after the defeat", and certainly the imitator will always remain a faint copy panting behind what he imitated, and who cherishes his humanity rejects it with all force, and who does not defeat his soul is not defeated, and will breathe victory even after a while.