Teachers are arrogant, do not know how to respect students' parents, and even kick people when they don't agree, such a communication space is too tight, and it is also an abnormal home-school relationship

Can parents say anything else or question in the class group than the same "received"? This parent told us from experience: no. According to reports, the father of a student in Qinyang City, Henan Province, recently posted a video saying that because he posted a sentence in the class group that "parents have homework again", he was not only kicked out of the group chat by the teacher, but also called by the teacher to "educate". On the morning of the 19th, the education department of Qinyang City, Jiaozuo, Henan, responded that it had intervened in the investigation.

There is an intriguing detail in the report: the person concerned posted the matter to the circle of friends, and the next day he received a call from the teacher, asking him to "ask the teacher" in a blunt tone. After the incident was followed up by the media, the parents deleted the video, and the reporter tried to contact the person without success; The reporter then called several phones at the elementary school, but no one answered. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that after the intervention of the local education department and the school, parents can only choose to "calm the matter". After all, their children are still in this school, in this class.

The parents' original intention may be just a joke, but in the eyes of this class teacher, he is suspected of being offended by authority. It is important to reiterate that it should be normal for parents to cooperate with schooling, but the right of parents to express themselves should also be respected. As an important communication platform, home-school groups are arrogant, do not know how to respect students' parents, and even kick people when they do not agree, such a communication space is too tight, and it is also an abnormal home-school relationship.

Such "common sense" has always existed - on the issue of educating children, families and schools need to strengthen communication, cooperate with each other, and support each other, but the boundary between family education and school education must be clear, and parents on the relatively weak side cannot always have "unlimited responsibility" and have no opportunity to say "no". Clear rights and clear responsibilities can enable schools, teachers, parents and students to form an "educational community" that promotes each other, which is a healthy education ecology conducive to children's growth and talents.

In fact, the reason why this matter has aroused widespread resonance among netizens is also the reason why many parents have "suffered homework for a long time".

The reason why the parent in the report complained in the group may be that the teacher asked the student to write 300 words of experience, but also to hand in the electronic manuscript. It is not easy for children to complete the experience, and they have to check and enter, if they type slowly, the extra time is consumed. This parent probably thought of this and complained that this was "parental homework". Is this an isolated phenomenon, or has a long-standing grudge?

The local education department has been involved in the investigation, and in addition to calming parents and teachers and not affecting children's learning, the phenomenon of homework becoming "parent work" again should be focused. As Zheng Fuzhi, then vice minister of education, said in 2019: "The homework left to students is done by parents, what kind of thinking will be instilled in children in the long run?" What you should do can be replaced by others, which is not the original intention of education. ”

A few days ago, the Office of the Education Supervision Commission of the State Council issued the Notice on Continuing to Take the "Double Reduction" Supervision as the "No. 2023 Project" of Education Supervision, and systematically deployed the "double reduction" supervision work in <>. We hope that under the impetus of the "double reduction" policy, the joint efforts of education authorities, schools and teachers, and the continuous attention of all sectors of society, consensus such as "eliminating the turning of student homework into parent homework" can be continuously reaffirmed and observed. The role of the "baton" has been truly played, and school education and family education have their respective responsibilities and responsibilities, so that children can grow up better and healthily.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Li Ji