Dressed in elegant Chinese clothes, holding a pipa, "Blue and White Porcelain", "Fireworks Easy to Cold", "Annual Rings"... Pop music flows from the fingers that pluck the strings. She is the musical instrument talent anchor "Pipa Stacking" and the champion of the 2022 Kuaishou Live Folk Music Track.

In the live broadcast room, the jade beads walked, and at most 10,<> netizens watched online at the same time.

Pipa stacking, real name Wei Xiaodie, is a Shaoxing girl who graduated from the Chinese Music Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. The reporter learned that after graduation, Wei Xiaodie worked in a professional orchestra and got the "iron rice bowl" that many people yearned for.

Resigning from the band to become an online talent anchor, Wei Xiaodie is undoubtedly an "alternative sample", but it is not an exception.

Recently, a "Survey Report on the Employment of New Youth Groups in Short Video Live Broadcast Institutions" from the short video industry media was released.

According to this report, the new youth group has become the core component of the staff of short video live broadcast agencies, more than half of the organizations employ more than 50%, and the anchor ranks second in the proportion of positions, except for operations/planning/directing positions. Anchoring has become one of the professions that new young people aspire to.

Different types of anchors such as culture and intangible cultural heritage, knowledge payment, and brand communication have also risen rapidly.

Only playing the pipa without goods, this Shaoxing girl attracted 116.<> million fans by talent in just half a year. She said: "Live streaming has allowed me to find a new direction in life. ”

The first live broadcast gained 5000,<> followers

The popularity ranks among the top ten in the country

Wei Xiaodie is a Kuaishou musical instrument talent anchor, playing the pipa in the live broadcast room, with 116.10 million fans in half a year, and at most <>,<> people watched online, such a result she did not expect.

Wei Xiaodie is a native of Shaoxing and began learning pipa at the age of 6.

"My parents think the pipa is very convenient to carry, it sounds good to play, and the girls play it very well." Like many parents, at first I just wanted my child to try it. Wei Xiaodie's parents also specially showed her a video of pipa playing, "I also thought it sounded good, and finally chose to learn the pipa." ”

It is said that ten years of pipa and one year of kite, pipa is not easy to learn. "For children, it still hurts to press the strings." When she was a child, she felt that the pipa was really big, so she took half an hour or an hour a day, and after she was ready to take the professional route in junior high and high school, she even spent three or four hours practicing, "It's quite abrasive, and it's boring." ”

Wei Xiaodie calls herself a "house girl" and can endure loneliness, and her grandfather often encourages her not to give up.

Later, she was admitted to the Chinese Music Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. After that, the work is also the kind that makes parents feel at ease: after graduating in 2021, he will enter a professional orchestra.

I originally thought that my life would come to an end at a glance, until September 2022, Wei Xiaodie began to broadcast online. Said to be a live broadcast, in fact, it is to play the pipa on the Internet and play some well-known songs, such as "A Laugh in the Sea", "Blue and White Porcelain", "Daughter's Love", "Shepherd Song"... Unexpectedly, this live broadcast, more than 9,5000 fans, the popularity ranked among the top ten in the country.

Give up the orchestra and go live instead

Just to pursue the greater possibilities of life

When she was in school, Wei Xiaodie had "tested the waters" of live broadcasting. Each broadcast for an hour or two, two months, fans have also accumulated thousands. At that time, she was in her freshman year, and her studies were under great pressure, so she did not continue. After graduating, this live broadcast, she felt that she was opened up to a new world.

"Although it feels a little strange, I don't know how to broadcast live and what to say, but sitting there playing the pipa, there will be many netizens to leave messages." In the concert hall, Wei Xiaodie faced the audience under the stage, and in the live broadcast room, the audience was a netizen who was invisible behind the screen, "But I can see the message and feel their presence." ”

Orchestra work and webcasting, it's not easy to have both.

"It's really not enough energy. I thought a lot, whether to come out of the orchestra or not, and talked about this with many friends and bosses. "Entering the orchestra is undoubtedly a very good choice for a professional student like Wei Xiaodie, especially the orchestra she joined, she has not recruited new people for five or six years, and she also passed the assessment of the internship period to get this opportunity.

In the orchestra every day, Wei Xiaodie mainly arranges new songs with her colleagues. "Almost seven or eight people play together, from the beginning to get the score to the full presentation of the work, it must be run-in and improved, and there are usually some rehearsals and performances." For Wei Xiaodie, life is like this, playwriting, and then rehearsing and leading students.

In Wei Xiaodie's view, the live broadcast made her see greater possibilities, but the orchestra's "iron rice bowl" represented stability after all, and her decision to resign was opposed by her family and friends.

"Especially my parents don't understand why I do this, don't they think my life is very good and stable? After that, I can get married and have children, but I don't like the feeling of being tied myself. Wei Xiaodie invited them to watch her live broadcast, "They found that many fans supported me, and it also led many people to become curious about the pipa instrument, and they were very happy to see me." ”

In February this year, Wei Xiaodie officially resigned from the orchestra and joined Lingmai Culture to become a full-time musical instrument talent anchor, and her fans have reached 2.116 million.

Almost every live broadcast is asked

Will it bounce the lute

During this period of becoming a full-time anchor, in addition to live broadcasts in the afternoon and evening, Wei Xiaodie will also go out to shoot some videos. In Hangzhou's West Lake, Xianghu Lake and other scenic spots in the south of the river, you may be able to meet Wei Xiaodie, who is wearing a cheongsam and Hanfu, and is continuing to play the letter procedure with low eyebrows, and the sound of the pipa turns thousands of times.

Compared with the performance in the concert hall, Wei Xiaodie feels that the distance between the live broadcast room and the audience is closer, especially the barrage interaction, there are praises, there are opinions, and everyone is in contact in time.

It was also through the live broadcast that Wei Xiaodie knew that so many people were interested in pipa, but they knew so little about pipa.

"Almost every time I broadcast live, someone will ask, will it bounce the pipa?" This made Wei Xiaodie very helpless, "There are rebound pipas on the Dunhuang murals, but everyone does not understand, the material of the pipa in the Tang Dynasty is relatively light, and the entire back of the current pipa is a piece of wood, quite heavy, it is not easy to support and hold it, and it is technically difficult to achieve." ”

What makes Wei Xiaodie gratified is that many netizens have become interested in pipa because they watched her live broadcast, "In fact, the small live broadcast room has also promoted Chinese music to a certain extent, so that more people fall in love with national music." ”

Of course, in the live broadcast, Wei Xiaodie was also moved. "Sometimes it's already past one o'clock in the morning, and there will still be fans who will accompany you all the time, and every live broadcast is like a small concert with a special session." In order to get closer to netizens, she will also select well-known songs to play.

According to the "Survey Report on the Employment of New Youth Groups in Short Video Live Broadcast Institutions", 56.14% of the new young anchors are talented anchors like Wei Xiaodie. (Qianjiang Evening News reporter Zhu Lizhen)