In 2022, music sales in Sweden increased by 6 percent and in total music was sold for just over two billion SEK.

Audio streaming accounted for 89 percent of revenue and video streaming for five percent. In terms of physical sales, 2022 was the first year that vinyls brought in significantly more money compared to CDs. In total, vinyl sales brought in just over SEK 67 million, which can be compared with just under SEK 44 million for the CDs.

– Continued strong growth in revenue from streamed music will characterize 2022 and the absolute majority of total sales revenue will come from subscription-based services. The relatively high growth of advertising-funded streaming can be explained by a combination of increased revenues from the existing advertising-funded streaming services as well as new revenues from TikTok and YouTube shorts, among others. 2022 was also the first year when the vinyl record by a margin generated more revenue than the CD, says Ludvig Werner, CEO of the industry organization Ifpi Sweden in a press release.

The three best-selling Swedish singles of 2022 were The Company's "Can't Go", Victor Leksell & Einár's "Your Song" and Miss Li's "X".