In the face of the widening circle of theft and pickpocketing in Sudan, the state of Gezira in the center of the country took a remarkable step that sparked controversy on social media, as it issued a stern warning, threatening those who commit these crimes with defamation and exposure by showing them videos.

Recently, the various cities of Sudan recorded a remarkable increase in crimes of looting and theft under duress, and in this context, the "9 Tawila" gang emerged in this context, which Al-Sayha newspaper said carried out more than 10,2020 cases of assault on citizens in Khartoum state during <>.

The "9 Tawila" gang is a group that has professionally robbed and snatched bags and mobile phones from the hands of passers-by on the streets of Sudan, and its members carry out these operations while on motorcycles.

The gang carries out these operations in broad daylight, targeting passers-by in the streets, especially women, and videos of a number of these operations, taken by surveillance cameras near the crime scene, spread on social media.

The gang was called "9 Long", because of the way they pickpocket bags and phones, where two people on a motorcycle pass next to the victim and the person sitting in the back steals the bag or phone, after which the driver of the bike wraps around in the form of a number 9 and runs away.

In some cases, it is even stabbing with a knife or dragging the victim if he grabs his bag or phone and the thief cannot quickly control the stolen object.

The spread and expansion of these criminal acts prompted the governor of Khartoum to issue a decision prohibiting those who drive a motorcycle from carrying another person with them, specifying prison sentences and fines for those who violate the decision.

Remarkable decision

As for the Gezira State Police, it took a remarkable decision announced through a post on Facebook, in which it threatened members of armed robbery and theft gangs with defamation, as it wrote, "This is a message to everyone who tries to tamper with the property of citizens (Harami or 9 Tawila) We catch you and save the world Chloe to see you and get to know you."

Anticipating the expected state of controversy against the backdrop of this trend, she continued, "For people who say this is defamation and violation of personal rights... We are dealing with transparency because theft and terrorizing citizens at gunpoint is the biggest threat and it is also a violation of rights."

Immediately, the state began implementing its promise, publishing videos of what it said were the most famous and dangerous aggressors and pickpockets, some of whom admitted to participating in pickpocketing operations, while others denied it.

The episode of the program "Shabakat" on (2023/3/21) followed part of the reactions of social media users to this remarkable post, which were mixed, as some supported this unusual option while others denounced it.

Al-Waleed, expressed his surprise at the opposition of some to what was done by the Gezira State Police and tweeted, "O people, when theft and criminality abound, and nine long you say the police do not see his job, and when the police work and catch the thieves, you criticize their work, Aha Hsi, they work with you Shno? Good luck, police and meddani."

She also considered "silent" that this is "the eye of the mind," adding in a tweet, "If you publish his picture to the public, this is considered a cover-up, imagine and attach his name quadruple to be careful and cautious of him socially, wherever he finds people recognize him, and if a theft incident occurs, he is accused of being at the scene of the crime."

On the other hand, Abdul Aziz tweeted, "You, as a security man, the limits of your work are limited, to arrest the thief and then investigate him and close the file and hand it over to the judge and he rules and the matter is over, but you come to work heroics and work yourself Abu Ali in social networking sites this is not your right."

Abaq also tweeted, "It is a mistake, but it is not small, and if it is not needed, it will not be stolen in the first place, the state if it solves the problem from its roots and provides them with work, believe me, it will not be a second lifeshall."