Cinemas do not provide 3D glasses for free, allowing consumers to buy them at their own expense, and consumers question -

【These small problems bring big troubles to consumers (3)】 After buying a 25D movie ticket, why spend another 3 yuan to buy <>D glasses?

This newspaper news (reporter Dou Feitao) "It's hard to go to see a 3D movie, but the cinema does not provide 3D glasses for free, and you have to spend 25 yuan more to buy it, which is quite unreasonable!" Recently, Ms. Gao, a consumer living in a county town in Yunnan, reported to the reporter of "Workers' Daily" that she watched 3D movies and was asked by the theater to buy 3D glasses at her own expense.

"The theater staff said that to watch a 3D movie, you need to buy 3D glasses separately, which is 'voluntary', and you can buy it if you want to see the movie, and it has been like this since the opening of the theater." In desperation, Ms. Gao and her friend bought two pairs of 3D glasses, and the theater did not provide the corresponding proof of purchase, "How to watch 3D movies without 3D glasses?" In fact, it is forced consumption in disguise, which makes people quite angry. ”

After watching the movie, Ms. Gao took away the 3D glasses, "Can be reused but the texture is average, a pair of 25 yuan, it is indeed expensive." "Ms. Gao's county has only this cinema. On February 2 this year, her friend Ms. Dai encountered a similar problem.

Mr. Li, a citizen of Quanzhou, Fujian, also told reporters that on March 3, he encountered a similar problem when watching "Avatar 9" at the Wanda Plaza Cinema in Puxi, Quanzhou, "The theater does not provide 2D glasses for free, so you need to rent or buy them yourself."

"Buying tickets costs tens of yuan, not bad for buying 3D glasses for those ten or twenty yuan, most people may not be too serious when they encounter similar problems." But if no one responds, this problem may not be paid attention to and solved. Mr. Li suggested that the market supervision department regularly check the situation of the theater and investigate and deal with the corresponding problems in a timely manner.

According to media reports, since the beginning of this year, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places have not provided 3D glasses for free in theaters. So, is it reasonable for theaters to require consumers to buy 3D glasses at their own expense?

The reporter noted that in the recently held Sichuan-Chongqing Consumer Organization 2022 Excellent Rights Protection Case Selection, a case in which consumers were forced to buy 3D glasses while watching movies was selected. According to this case, between April 2022, 4 and January 29, 2023, Suining Wanda Plaza Cinema of Chengdu Wanda International Film City Co., Ltd. provided consumers with a total of 1,7 40342D movies and sold 3,15422 pairs of 3D glasses, and was finally fined 4624,1 yuan and fined 5,<> yuan by the Market Supervision Bureau of Suining City, Sichuan Province.

Jiang Yiqin, vice president of the first civil trial division of Beijing Daxing Court, explained that 3D glasses are necessary equipment for watching 3D movies, and a service contract relationship is formed between theaters and consumers, and theaters charge viewing fees, and in accordance with the contract between the two parties, viewing needs, and industry practices, they should provide service content matching the type of film, otherwise it may constitute a breach of contract.

"The free provision of 3D glasses is a legitimate obligation of cinemas." Liu Guoying, a lawyer at Beijing Lantai (Zhengzhou) Law Firm, believes that cinemas separate their own service obligations and pass them on to consumers, increasing the burden on consumers, violating fairness and good faith, even if there are relevant terms, statements, notices, etc., it is invalid content. (Daily Worker)