A member of the US Democratic Party, Dr. Abdullah Al-Shammari, said that what appears in the form of China's competition with the United States in the Middle East comes within a plan for Washington, whose strategic choice has become to withdraw from the region, an option that will create a vacuum that must be filled by an entity that Washington can manage.

He added in his speech to the episode (2023/3/21) of the program "The Opposite Direction" that "China is a competitor made in America, and it cannot take a step without Washington's approval, and without a green light it gave it, it would not have reached what it has reached," pointing out that the US strategy is based on preparing a competitor under its control to achieve its goals through his presence.

"We are still living in the time of unipolarity, and it will last at least 50 years, and the only consolation is that this pole (the United States) was built by a pluralistic system, but the system that some claim to compete with America is authoritarian," he said.

Al-Shammari indicated his conviction in what he sees as the leadership of the United States in all fields, where economic indicators and figures clearly reflect this, according to his estimates, as well as in the military and diplomatic fields, in addition to politics, and Washington is in control of global political decision-making.

No indicators

Al-Shammari also finds no indication that China should be a competitor to the United States, but "it can be so, but it is a competitor made in America, such as Huawei, which is now struggling to survive after being in the lead."

If China wants to have a real affair, it must liberate its regional surroundings, as America has done, impose its control over Taiwan and Hong Kong, liberate its islands from Japan and the Philippines, and impose its influence on the China Sea, which has become a playground for the American fleets, as he put it.

In the context of comparison, Al-Shammari said that the unemployment rate in China rose in 30 years from 2.5% to 6.4%, while the unemployment rate in America fell from 5.4% to 4.6%, and while the number of US military bases exceeds 1200,<>, China has only one base in Djibouti, and another in the UAE, which later turned out to be logistical to serve US interests.

Show pluralism

On the other hand, political researcher Hazem Ayad believes that the international system is moving towards economic multipolarity, which can be inferred from the data of international institutions and World Bank figures, which indicate that the size of the Chinese economy reached $ 18 trillion, which is close to the size of the European Union economy.

He believed that it has become important to express this multilateralism and show it in front of Washington's hostile policies towards this multilateralism, which emerged through the involvement of Europe in the Ukrainian war, the attempt to create a conflict in Taiwan and the involvement of China in it, and the previous incitement of its ally Britain to leave the European Union to weaken the bloc.

Ayad said that within the indicators of this multilateralism and China's presence in the Middle East, the growth rate in reciprocal trade between the Arab region and China has increased by 4 times over the past 15 years, from $ 100 billion to half a trillion dollars.

"China is fast-growing, with growth rate rising last year to 35%, which pushes the Chinese to pay attention to stability in the Arab region," he said.

In response to the fact that what was happening was only after the United States allowed it, he pointed out that Washington tried to spoil the OPEC Plus agreement, and US President Joe Biden himself came to the region to achieve this goal, but he did not succeed, as China challenged it to appoint a minister of defense imposed on him by US sanctions.