The Beijing News reporter visited the surrounding areas of shopping malls and scenic spots, and found that some vehicles stopped and dropped off customers illegally, as well as the opening door did not observe the rear and the opening angle was too large

Be wary of "opening the door to kill" Get out of the car and remember the "three-step door opening method"

A few days ago, a driver in Beijing accidentally injured a student while driving a door, and the car "opening the door to kill" has once again become a hot topic in the public.

Parking the car on the side of the road, the driver or passenger does not observe the rear, directly open the door and get out of the car, such an action has serious safety risks, and the resulting traffic accidents that injure cyclists and pedestrians are often called "open door killing".

In recent days, reporters have visited some business districts, scenic spots and residential areas in Beijing and found that some drivers and passengers have weak safety awareness, do not pay attention to the rear when driving the door, and there are situations that affect the passage of non-motor vehicles such as excessive opening angle of the door and not closing the door in time. In addition, the reporter's experience found that if you only observe the rearview mirror before driving the door, there is also a certain blind spot, which is prone to danger.

The traffic management department prompts that in addition to the driver, other personnel should try to open the door from the right side to get out of the car, and keep in mind the "three-step door opening method" when getting out of the car, open the door with a hand away from the side of the door, and use the other hand to hold it up to avoid the danger of opening the door at too large an angle.

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Frequent parking violations Drivers and passengers open the door regardless of it

At 3 o'clock on March 20, R&F Plaza located near the East Third Ring Road Shuangjing Bridge entered the peak dining hour, and Guangqu Road continued to drop off vehicles from east to west, due to the long-term existence of motor vehicles occupying the road in this section, many drop-off vehicles could not pull over normally, and even had to stop and drop off passengers in the motor lane, coupled with the lack of safety awareness of some drivers and passengers, the danger caused by "incorrect door opening" also occurred.

In fact, there are lanes specially set up for non-motor vehicles in this section, and white bicycle signs are also printed on the ground, but because there are no guardrails in the auxiliary road, there have always been motor vehicles occupying the road more than 100 meters west of the intersection, crowding out the passage space of bicycles, which also leads to the fact that the rest of the parked vehicles will have an impact on the rear non-motor vehicles no matter which side of the door is opened, and many bicycles are squeezed into the motor lane.

The reporter observed the road section for an hour and a half, and found that the occupants of more than ten cars had too large opening angles and long opening times. Some riders, including taxi and ride-hailing passengers, leave the doors open to the maximum extent possible when they get out of the bus before packing their bags. Some passengers did not care whether it affected the rear passers after the door was opened, and the door opened for nearly half a minute.

It's not just passengers who are less safety-conscious. Around 12:<>, a white car was parked in the non-motorized lane, and then the driver opened and closed the door several times, leaned down to place items in the car, and allowed the door near the side of the road to open to the maximum. The driver also casually discarded beverage bottles, waste paper, plastic bags, etc. on the road. The reporter found that she almost never observed whether there was a vehicle behind her when she opened the door, and almost collided with passing bicycles many times, and even a young woman riding an electric car almost lost her balance in order to avoid its suddenly open door, and she stretched out her legs to try to control the center of gravity so that she barely did not fall.

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The traffic is like a weaving bicycle, and the baby passes by

Recently, with the warmer temperature, many parks and scenic spots in Beijing have ushered in a large flow of visitors. At 3 p.m. on March 20, taxis and ride-hailing cars picked up and dropped off from time to time on the streets of the coal market. Since this is a one-way street for motor vehicles and is also equipped with organic non-segregated guardrails, in most cases, vehicles will be parked directly in the carriageway and intersection.

The reporter observed here for nearly an hour and found that most people did not observe the rear when opening and closing the door, and only a very small number of passengers first opened a slit in the door when opening the door, and then turned their heads to observe whether the rear was safe.

The most heart-wrenching picture mainly occurs at the intersection in front of Dashilar Commercial Street, some vehicles park at will in the intersection, the doors on both sides are opened at the same time, one side of the door blocks the car on the left, and the other side of the door affects the normal riding of bicycles and electric vehicles.

The most dangerous scene also occurred at the intersection, at 17:20, a ride-hailing car stopped directly at the intersection, at this time, the north-to-south traffic light was still green, and vehicles were constantly driving behind. After the ride-hailing car stopped for a while, a number of passengers came down, one of which was a male passenger with a baby in his arms, because he neglected to observe whether it was safe behind, just stepped out of the door, and a bicycle immediately jumped behind him, so frightened that he hurriedly held the child and dodged back, but fortunately did not crash.

The reporter walked all the way south to Zhushikou West Street and also took a taxi, the driver said that parking on the coal market street road is indeed more troublesome, if there is a safety hazard if you drop off passengers in the driving lane. "Sometimes I also ask passengers if they can let me end the charge early, drive another one or two hundred meters to find a safe section and then stop, but some passengers are reluctant." The driver told reporters that in this case, he will repeatedly tell passengers to open the door slowly and observe the safety behind before getting out of the car.

■ Journalist experience

The car door only looks in the rearview mirror, and there is a blind spot

In fact, Beijing has incorporated the "Turning Back Door Opening Method" (also known as the "Three-step Door Opening Method" and "Opposite Hand Opening Method") into the Beijing Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior and driver training courses. It clearly states that when the driver and passengers of the motor vehicle get out of the car, open the door with their hands away from the side of the door, turn their heads to observe the traffic conditions on the side and rear of the vehicle, and avoid obstructing the passage of others. At the same time, the vehicle is standardized to stop when getting on and off passengers, and does not obstruct the passage of others.

Both the driver and the passenger should use the hand away from the side of the door to open the door, forcing people to turn their heads when driving the door to observe whether there are cyclists approaching the side and behind the vehicle, so as to effectively avoid hitting the cyclist when opening the door, and help protect the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

In interviews, some citizens said that they do not have the habit of turning their heads to observe when driving the door, but they always look in the rearview mirror. One driver also said, "I think this can also ensure safety, and you don't have to turn back." ”

After the reporter's experience, he found that if you open the car door just by looking at the rearview mirror to judge whether it is safe, it is unreliable, because at some specific angles, the rearview mirror has obvious blind spots.

For example, if a bicycle is located exactly half a meter wide from the rear of the left door, and the driver is only looking through the left rearview mirror while sitting in the driver's seat, it is difficult for the driver to detect the bicycle. Although the scope of the blind zone is small, accidents often occur within seconds. In addition, if the passenger sitting in the passenger seat gets off the car, only through the right rearview mirror observation, it is difficult to find out whether there are vehicles and pedestrians passing, because the angle of the right rearview mirror is set according to the driver's position, for the passenger in the co-pilot's position, it does not play a role in observing whether the rear is safe. Therefore, both drivers and passengers need to strictly follow the requirements of the "three-step door opening method".

If the vehicle is parked in a regular parking space, passengers are allowed to get out of the car from the right side, and the driver is more careful when opening the door, such accidents can be avoided to the greatest extent.


Open the door with your hand away from the side of the door

In response to the "open door to kill" traffic accident, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has issued safety reminders many times, and you should keep in mind the "three-step door opening method" when getting off the bus:

1. Open the door with a hand away from the side of the door; 2. Open a slit first and observe the incoming car backwards; 3. After confirming safety, further push the car door and get off. During the door opening process, ensure that the door handle is always pulled to prevent the wind from causing the door to rebound and hurt people.

The traffic management department also said that non-motor vehicle drivers also need to have a sense of safety precautions, and maintain a certain horizontal distance when passing vehicles parked on the side of the road to prevent the doors from suddenly opening.

Beijing News reporter Pei Jianfei