- Were the racketeers called? Then pay for the false call.

This joke from the 1990s is relevant to the political life of today's United States. It seems that someone in America urgently needed another one on January 6. Whether they will be able to repeat it is unclear, but talking about it alone is already enough to escalate the situation to the limit.

Reports of congressional investigations into questionable financial schemes of joe Biden's family (such as ties to China), which until recently were at the top of the headlines of conservative media, have been supplanted by one topic – the possible arrest of Donald Trump, which could turn into mass riots.

Trump himself wrote in his Truth Social that he demands that supporters protest.

Of course, no one heard the belated statements of Trump's lawyers that their client was ready to surrender to the law in Mar-a-Lago without resistance.

The storming of the Capitol in this scenario, which is written literally on the knee, seems to be replaced by an assault on the Manhattan court, where Trump will be taken in case of arrest. It is reported that the New York police are ready to mobilize 700 employees - the so-called strategic response team. The service will also transfer the usual sections to the enhanced mode. The New York police and the FBI are ready to provide special protection to The Manhattan Prosecutor Alvin Bragg, who is going to indict Trump.

With him, the Democrats, of course, have a hundred percent hit in the script. The black prosecutor is a character of his time. Time to win BLM. Liberal to the point of impossibility. Irritates even party members. Bragg for his lenient attitude to criminality is criticized by the mayor of New York - former policeman Eric Adams, and the new governor of the state Katie Hocool. Well, for Republicans, he's a living symbol of where America has gone.

"Third World", "Banana Republic" – such expressions in relation to one's own country from the lips of American conservatives a few years ago were impossible to imagine. Now it is the norm of American political life, which, as the United States moves closer to Ukraine, is becoming more and more similar to the Ukrainian one.

Arrests of political opponents are just from there. If you haven't forgotten the story of Yulia Tymoshenko.

12 years ago, I happened to work at the Pechersk Court in Kiev, where the sweaty judge Kireyev read her the verdict. On the street at this moment, the crowd was ready to free Julia (as they called her) directly from the paddy wagon. Now such thoughts visit Trump supporters.

From the governor of Florida and a potential rival of the 45th president of the United States in the battle for the party nomination, Trumpists want victims in advance. They demand that he do not agree to the extradition of Trump from Florida. Desantis has certain powers in this area. But this is not enough for supporters of the former head of the White House. In their opinion, the head of the state executive branch should use the National Guard to protect Mar-a-Lago. Okay, they don't demand to secede from the U.S.

At the same time, the pause that the governor of Florida took, Trumpists already consider almost a betrayal. "The world is watching your every move, Ron" is one of the most popular tweets in Republican threads.

That is, nothing has yet begun, and the governor of Florida in a sense found himself in the shoes of former Vice President Mike Pence, who on January 6 in Congress had to sign the final protocols of the election results.

Calls to hang Pence were heard clearly in the crowd marching on the Capitol.

None of those who moved to Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, of course, achieved their goals. Biden became president. For many, that walk through Washington, and then through the halls and halls of Congress, ended in the dock. For some, even behind bars. However, no one promised the extras that they would be introduced to the final idea of the director. Even if they are going to shoot a remake.

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