Moriguchi City, Osaka.
There are people who continue to whistle every morning with the meaning of "protecting their mouths."
What such members value is one cherry tree.
When I whistled, the cherry blossoms ...

(Osaka Broadcasting Station Shiawase News Reporting Team Mayumi Onoda)

Original "whistling gymnastics"

The morning sun began to illuminate the city, 7 am.
The following voice can be heard from the speakers placed on the benches of "Oeda Park" in Moriguchi City, Osaka.

"Everyone has a musical instrument, let's enjoy whistling together!"

Whistling in time with the music and starting to move their bodies are the members of the "Moriguchi Oeda Whistling Club".

The average age of about 30 members is in their late 70s.
Along with "whistling", which is said to have a stress-relieving and relaxing effect, we perform original exercises that move the body.

The greatest happiness is to be able to see your friends every morning.
The woman, who had just celebrated her birthday on the day of the interview, turned 85 years old.
If you blow in a joyful mood, the sun will rise in your heart.

"I'm fine! Start your day with whistling exercises. When you come here, everyone can be happy!"

The leader, Yutaka Yamashita, has been whistling almost every morning since this "health whistling exercise" started 1 years ago.

"I started in Moriguchi City because it means 'protecting my mouth,' so I have been using this exercise to maintain my health."

The health and cherry blossoms that have been protected

Health that has been protected by whistling.
There is one more thing that we have protected in the same park.
In Fukushima Prefecture, it is said to be over 1 years old "Miharu Falls cherry blossom".

The "descendants" were planted in the park in 2012, the year after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Two years have passed since the earthquake.
Members of the "Whistling Club" have visited Fukushima Prefecture to perform whistles and sing together to deepen exchanges with the disaster-stricken areas.

As proof of this, we planted a "waterfall cherry tree" sapling as thin as a pencil.

I want the cherry blossoms to be like the waterfall cherry blossoms that will continue to tell the story of the earthquake disaster 1000,3 years from now.

Three years of careful nurturing. In 2015, the flowers finally bloomed.
After that, every year, when the flowers bloom, everyone watches the cherry blossoms and whistles.

Whistling "Waterfall Sakura"

In the afternoon of March 3, the first flowers bloomed.
Mr. Yamashita, the leader, makes a proposal in front of the members.

"If you can whistle, please whistle, I think that's our way of silent, let's do our best together."

It was 2:46 p.m. at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Whistling to the harmonica of my friends was a requiem whistle for all those who put their hands together in remembrance of the nursery rhymes "Hometown"
and "Hometown".

And then...

After the performance, the second cherry blossom blossomed.

The "whistling party" also brings smiling flowers to bloom.

"Wow! Yes, I did the voice, so it reached Takizaki," said the leader, Yutaka
Yamashita, "First of all, you can't save people if you don't have good energy, and I don't think I can save them like this, but I believe that the cherry blossoms in Moriguchi will grow to the extent that they will be as good as my parents' Takiza cherry blossoms, which bloom for 2,1000 years,

and I would like to continue whistling with you."

Thoughts of "Sakura Mamoru"

The thought arrived, and one week later, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

There is something that members have continued without fail.
This is to deliver photos of cherry blossoms to a woman who was affected by the disaster in Fukushima Prefecture and planted a "waterfall cherry tree" in Moriguchi.

I hope that even one flower will bloom again next year.
Moriguchi City's "cherry blossom guard" protects the mouth, health, and cherry blossoms.
Whistling with prayers is being listened to today.

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