【Commentary】Located on the shore of the Han River, Shipai Town, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province, is famous as the "hometown of tofu" throughout the country. With its fine, tender, white, pure color, fragrant and refreshing characteristics, Shipai tofu is well received by the market. In 2013, "Shipai Bean Products Making Technique" was selected into the fourth batch of intangible cultural heritage list of Hubei Province.

【During the same period】 Wang Keying, head of Hubei Province Intangible Cultural Heritage Studio "Master Chutian Tofulang"

If we make this dried bean, the main thing is to select soybeans. After selecting the soybeans, the pulp is shaken by hand, not the filtered pulp. It is very tender, very elastic and has a very good taste.

【Commentary】Tofu originated in Huainan and carried forward in Shipai. In Shipai, tofu-making craftsmanship has been passed down for nearly 2000,<> years. According to legend, in the summer of the <>th year of Jian'an, Guan Yu cured water in Shipai, and local elders used tofu to cure the pain of soldiers and ordinary people, and tofu making has been popular in Shipai since then.

【Commentary】Although tofu is small, it has a variety of flavors. "Sour, sweet, bitter and salty" or "fried, cooked and stewed", the inclusive qualities capture the taste buds from all over the world. In Shipai, tofu is not only a gourmet skill inherited and the taste of hometown that haunts the heart, but also a philosophy condensed in the hearts of every Shipai person.

【During the same period】Shipai Chamber of Commerce President Zhou Zhiqiang

When it is paired with any ingredient, it will reflect the taste of this dish. But it (tofu) does not lose its own flavor and does not steal the taste of other ingredients. Therefore, it (tofu) has a feeling that it is innocent, and then this feeling of its (tofu) going up and down to our people's homes is calm and quiet. No matter what angle it (tofu) stands on, what status it (tofu) is, it (tofu) maintains its (tofu) original nature, so our Shipai tofu is not only an ingredient, but also a cultural inheritance, is a piece of cultural tofu.

This town of just over 9,3 people now has more than <>,<> people distributed in hundreds of cities across the country and Singapore, Thailand, Russia and other countries, engaged in soy product processing, accounting for one-third of the total population of the town. After thousands of years of inheritance, generations of Shipai people have spread the reputation of "Shipai Tofu" all over the world.

【During the same period】Shipai Chamber of Commerce President Zhou Zhiqiang

Now that we are already registering Shipai tofu as a geographical trademark, we may also have to do some soy products in this museum, and this soy product industrial park and cultural center to better promote Shipai tofu.

Reporting by Wu Taotao, Zhang Qianlong, Peng Liangyin, Hubei Zhongxiang

Responsible Editor: [Sun Jingbo]