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The Council of Ministers has approved the second edition of the Youth Cultural Bonus, which may be requested by 500,000 citizens who turn 2023 in 18. It will consist of an aid of 400 euros compatible with other subsidies that can be spent on products, services and cultural activities.

As confirmed by the minister spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, at the press conference after the Government meeting, the objective is to "bring culture closer to youth" and at the same time "revitalize" the sector, which generates 3% of Spanish GDP and that culture is "available to everyone" and "generates new leisure habits".

Rodriguez stressed that it is general and is not linked to family income, because the Executive understands that it is a way of "welcoming" the age of majority. Likewise, the bonus is compatible with other types of aid.

The 400 euros can not be allocated to a single type of culture, because according to the spokeswoman, up to 200 euros can be spent on live shows; 100 on goods on physical support, such as magazines and video games; and another 100 in the subscription on platforms.

On this occasion, bullfighting shows are included, after the claims of the sector after its exclusion in the previous call for the cultural bonus and the favorable ruling of the Supreme Court.

In order to be effective, Rodriguez said, both companies, establishments and institutions, as well as young people, will have to be validated through the website enabled for it. Young people will receive a prepaid card that they can redeem for one year.

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