There was a time (not as distant as you might think) when pregnant women were prescribed as the main physical exercise 'a good daily walk'. At that time, special attention was not paid to such essential details as the physical and psychological 'storm' experienced by women in the different phases of gestation because, simply, it was considered something 'natural'.

That time, fortunately, went down in history and, today, there are programs like the one just launched by personal trainer Paula Butragueño. About to give birth for the first time, this restless engineer who changed the roadmap of her life to dedicate herself to the world of fitness – a passion she has cultivated since the days when she practiced rhythmic gymnastics in childhood – has just presented PHi Pregnancy, a method, designed from her own experience, to accompany future mothers during the nine months of pregnancy on the path of physical and mental well-being.

"Being pregnant is an experience that you have to feel to be able to value in its proper measure. The change occurs from the first line on the pregnancy test. From that moment on, I not only take care of my body and my mind for myself, but for the new life that is being generated inside the womb and for which I am responsible. Every food I eat, every workout or every meditation I do, I dedicate to myself but also to my baby," Butragueño confesses.

During these months, he has been able to perceive "the amazing transfer of the emotional state from the mother to the baby (mine moves a lot, as his mother supposes) that occurs. On days when I feel more stressed or have rested less, I notice her much more agitated and, if I manage to stop, breathe and relax, she also calms down. It's brutal!"

Advised by pregnancy specialists, "our proposal is, above all, respectful of our body, which we must treat with kindness, but without putting the limitations to which it was subjected before. It's about bringing out our full potential and being as well prepared as possible for the real challenges ahead, childbirth and motherhood."

However, she emphasizes, "the most important thing is to follow the doctor's recommendations, take into account what you already did before being pregnant and be very respectful of the sensations of each moment, respecting and adapting to what the body asks."

The PHI Pregnancy program "adjusts to each stage of pregnancy from the physical point of view, adapting each training to the changes that arise in the body, but also from the mental and emotional point of view, taking into account the characteristic emotions that arise in each trimester," she says.

During the first trimester, he continues, "although physically we work in a very similar way to before pregnancy, the exercises try to reduce the impact to ensure a correct implantation. We include a lot of hip, buttock and back work to start creating a good structure to sustain pregnancy. Emotionally, it is the stage of more joy, but uncertainty and nerves until confirming that everything is going correctly, so with the meditations we try to balance these emotions. "

The second trimester is the "most "friendly" in terms of physical sensations and emotional insecurities", so it affects "the bases of control and balance to have a pregnancy in which we feel more stable". It is also used "to introduce pelvic floor work to protect this area from the weight of the baby". The exercises begin "to adapt to the growth of the gut and the reduction of lung capacity and meditations try to establish the connection and bond with the baby."

Finally, in the third trimester, "training is very adapted to prepare us for a good birth, insisting on pelvic mobility and stretching that helps reduce the feeling of heaviness. We continue to work on strength and cardio to feel able to face that moment." Meditation, on the other hand, focuses "on overcoming fears, bringing out our inner warrior and feeling strong and prepared."


Butragueño details that, in PHI Pregnancy, five fundamental elements are cultivated: "The first is strength (PHI FUERZA Tierra), which is the basis of a healthy pregnancy. We will work to be able to have a developed and specific physical structure that gives us the stability we need to cope with the physical and emotional changes that occur in pregnancy and recover better afterwards as well."

Mobility (PHI YOGA Water), the second. " Yoga will help us to work the necessary flexibility to flow with all that uncertainty, allowing our body to give us a response more adapted to the physical and emotional needs of each moment, Fundamentally, we will work on the flexibility of the pelvis, the mobility of the whole body, the opening of the chest and we will connect these physical qualities to emotional aspects that will help us find balance. "

Third, we find theresistance (PHI CARDIO Fire)." We generate physical resistance andmental resilience to feel able to cope with each phase with energy and enthusiasm, as well as face difficulties and prepare mentally for childbirth. With workouts combined with mental and emotional strategies, we will carry out sessions adapted to each moment, without physical impact, but with a component of physical and mental challenge that will make you feel more capable, stronger ... more warrior!"

Inner peace (PHI MEDITATION Air) is the fourth. "With PHI Pregnancy meditations we tryto cope with the unique sensations that occur in each phase of pregnancy. We will cultivate our ability to celebrate life, sustain uncertainty, navigate the unknown, cope with fears, prepare for childbirth and above all, open ourselves to the unconditional love of a baby that will come to revolutionize our lives forever."

And, the fifth, energy (PHI ENERGY Eter). "It is the invisible and most important element. The energy with which we begin and end each day determines our life, the experience of the day and the quality of sleep. Therefore, in Phi we cultivate habits of mobility, relaxation, connection with oneself and with the baby that help us to live a more conscious pregnancy and feel more harmonious, "he concludes.

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