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Paul Grant, American actor who played an Ewok as a teenager in Return of the Jedi and who was a goblin (a goblin, more or less) in Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone was found dead on Thursday at the exit of London's Kings' Cross station last Thursday, according to London police sources. Grant was 56.

Grant was 1.32 meters tall and made that condition an incentive in his career as an actor. In addition to Star Wars and Harry Potter, Grant appeared in Willow, with Val Kilmer, in Inside the Labyrinth, with David Bowie, Legend, by Ridley Scott, and in the comedy Deuce Bigalow 2, all in the 80s.

Later, Grant became a more or less marginal character. In 2014, he gave an interview in which he explained that he had spent all his money on alcohol, cocaine and prostitutes and that he had lost his family. It is possible to find recent videos in which Grant appears at the same station of King's Cross probably drunk. However, his daughter Sophie Jayne Grant, 28, has assured the English press that his family (including his girlfriend Maria) is devastated by the death of the actor.

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