Beijing, 3 Mar (Zhongxin Net) -- "The sun, moon, and sun are both yin and yin, and the Xuan Bird does not hesitate to give up the peach blossom cold." "The spring equinox is the fourth of the twenty-four solar terms, and there are many customs such as "standing eggs" and "eating spring vegetables". It is the spring blossoms, and some people like to go out and fly kites.

Spring is coming, and there are many good ways to alleviate the "spring dilemma". For example, to develop good sleep habits, you can also do proper physical exercise in the refreshing morning, brisk walking, jogging, practicing eight dan jin, five bird plays, etc. are all good fitness methods.

What is the significance of the equinox?

"February is shocking and spring equinox, planting trees and fertilizing the cultivated land deeply." The spring equinox is a good time for afforestation, and it is also a relatively critical time node, which is of great significance to agricultural production.

Data map: In Qianjia Village, Sangtang Town, Changning City, Hunan Province, villagers drive agricultural machinery to plow farmland. Photo by Zhou Xiuyuchun

On the day of the spring equinox, the sun hits almost directly at the Earth's equator, and the day and night are equal in length. Wu Cheng explained in the "Seventy-two Collections of the Moon Order": "In the middle of February, the division is half, and the ninety days are half, so it is called the division. ”

"The parting one, the point where yellow and red meet, where the sun travels, is the equinox of day and night." Because it is closely related to agricultural activities, there have always been sayings such as "ploughing the fields without rain at the spring equinox" and "rain at the spring equinox is a good year".

In ancient times, when the spring equinox came, rituals were often held. It is recorded in the Book of Rites: "The day of sacrifice is at the altar. "During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Temple of the Sun in Beijing became the place where the emperor sacrificed the great god (the sun) at the spring equinox.

There is also a saying that the spring festival is the fifth day after the beginning of spring, and the time is close to the spring equinox. On Spring Festival, people worship the gods of the land and grain, hoping for a good harvest throughout the year.

Why eat rice balls at this time?

When the spring equinox comes, there is generally no large-scale celebration among the people, but there are some interesting folk customs that have survived to this day. For example, "standing eggs", also known as "standing eggs".

Data map: In Taiyuan, Shanxi, primary school students play the game of "standing eggs" to welcome the arrival of the spring equinox. Photo by Wu Junjie

On the day of the equinox, choose a smooth and well-proportioned fresh egg, lightly find the balance point, put it up on the table, and when you master certain skills, the probability of success will be relatively high.

It is said that some people eat rice balls at the spring equinox, and then cook some rice balls without "stuffing" and put them on the edge of the field, called "sticky sparrow mouth", to prevent birds from destroying crops.

"The grass warbler flies in the February sky, and the willows of the are drunk with spring smoke." The weather at the spring equinox is more suitable for traveling, hiking and flying kites. Kite flying is also a healthy activity.

How to alleviate the "spring sleep"?

As the saying goes, "Spring is sleepy, autumn is lackluster, summer naps, and winter and March when you can't wake up." He Guiping, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province, introduced that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, "spring sleepiness" is related to the lack of yang qi in the human body in spring.

"The Yellow Emperor's Inner Sutra" cloud: "Lie down at night and get up early, walk widely in the court, and be slowed down, so that Zhisheng can be born without killing, giving and not seizing, rewarding and not punished, this spring qi should be the way of health." ”

Infographic: Equinox. The Linxia section of the Daxia River, a tributary of the Yellow River, welcomes a large number of migratory birds in Gansu. The picture shows migratory birds playing in the Daxia River. Photo by Ma Yulin

Therefore, He Guiping said that to alleviate "spring sleep", it is necessary to develop good sleep habits. Don't stay up late, rest early at night, and get up in the morning when the sun rises, so that the yin and yang changes of the human body are synchronized with nature. Take an appropriate break at noon, preferably for no more than half an hour.

Many people may have such an experience: when the body feels tired after working for a long time, after getting up and moving for a period of time, the tiredness will be reduced a lot, so exercise appropriately. As "Zhou Yi" said, "Movement gives birth to yang".

Activity can make the body's yang qi grow, which plays an important role in alleviating "spring sleep". He Guiping introduced that after the sun rises, you can do appropriate physical exercise in the refreshing morning, and choose some relatively soothing exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging, practicing eight dan jin, five birds play, etc. are all good fitness methods.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spring corresponding to the human body's internal organs is the "liver", and the physiological characteristics of the liver are "joyful and depressed", that is, the liver is characterized by liking comfort and softness, at this time it is advisable to follow nature and try to avoid anger. Participating in outdoor activities, contacting nature, and cultivating emotions are very beneficial to emotional regulation.

In addition, when "spring sleepiness" occurs, self-massage methods can also be used to relieve fatigue, such as the "comb the hair" method: ten fingers are separated from the forehead to the back of the head to "comb the hair", and finally rub the neck moderately. It's easy to do and works well. (End)